How to Pause Instagram Reels – The Ultimate Guide

A feature on the platform that allows users to pause Instagram Reels, creating and sharing, engaging videos ranging from 15 to 60 seconds. With editing capabilities like text overlay, soundtrack selection, and special effects.

Reels provide a creative way for users to express themselves and engage with others. These interactive features promote community interaction and increase material visibility.

Importance of Pause Instagram Reels

Unlocking the essence of pause on Instagram Reels for a meaningful viewing journey
Pause and feel the magic unfold on Instagram Reels
  • Instagram reel pauses are important because they promote a responsible and balanced use of social media in light of the possible negative effects on mental health and productivity. First of all, pause reels are essential for managing distractions.
  • These quick movies are so intriguing that they might cause continuous scrolling, which lowers productivity by taking focus away from duties and obligations.
  • Taking deliberate pauses and halting reels helps viewers recover attention and lessen the chance of succumbing to binge-watching content nonstop.
  • Second, to preserve mental health, reels must be stopped. Continuous exposure to many brief videos might exacerbate information overload, tension, and mental exhaustion.
  • By taking pauses, users can de-stress, take a step back, and avoid the detrimental psychological impacts of prolonged screen usage.
  • It encourages a more positive interaction with social media, lowering the risk of burnout and boosting mental toughness.
  • In addition, stopping Pause Instagram Reels allows viewers to interact with the material more deeply. It helps people to consider the message being delivered, examine the finer points, and recognize the originality of content providers.
  • This deliberate approach to material intake improves understanding pause Instagram Reels and makes using social media more rewarding. The key to halting Instagram reels is to find a balance that puts mental health and productivity above all else in the context of an active, visually appealing online community.

Purpose of the outline

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Reasons to Pause Instagram Reels

Reasons to pause and reflect on Instagram Reels
Discover serenity in a pause amidst Instagram Reels
  1. The strategic decision to suspend Instagram Reels is motivated by several strong factors, promoting a more thoughtful approach to social media use and efficient distraction management.
  2. First of all, it is essential for reducing the effect on output. Instagram Reels’ naturally captivating quality can become a continual distraction source, causing users to lose a lot of time scrolling through an infinite feed of brief films.
  3. Users can reclaim control over their attention by purposefully pausing Reels. This enables them to concentrate on duties, obligations, and other priorities without giving in to the enticing promise of endless content consumption pause Instagram reels.
  4. Second, stopping Reels is essential for preserving mental health. Continuous exposure to excessive brief videos might exacerbate information overload, tension, and mental exhaustion.
  5. Pausing reels to take rests gives users a little period of relaxation, which lowers the danger of burnout and fosters a better mental state. It urges people to take a balanced approach to online interaction and to be aware of their mental health.
  6. In addition, stopping Instagram Reels allows viewers to interact with the material more deeply. It enables in-depth examination of the material, contemplation of the ideas presented, and appreciation of the creative elements.
  7. This deliberate strategy improves how consumers understand the material to get value and enjoyment from the site without feeling overloaded.
  8. The main arguments for pausing Instagram Reels are to regain control of one’s concentration, protect mental health, and promote a more thoughtful and fulfilling experience in the ever-changing social media short-form video content.

Controlling distractions

Distraction management is a deliberate and systematic approach to mitigating external disruptions that have the potential to divert attention from a primary task or objective.

This becomes particularly vital in the contemporary digital age, where the prevalence of social media and advanced technology can significantly impact focus and productivity.

Effective distraction management encompasses various strategies. Setting limits involves establishing boundaries on the time and energy allocated to potential distractions. Time-management skills are crucial, enabling individuals to allocate specific periods for focused work, and reducing the likelihood of succumbing to distractions. Moreover, restricting interruptions, both digital and physical, plays a pivotal role in maintaining concentration.

An exemplary illustration of the need for distraction management is found in Instagram Reels, a widely used feature on the social media platform. As users engage with pause Instagram reels captivating short-form videos, effective distraction management becomes pertinent to balancing entertainment and maintaining productivity.

Implementing these strategies not only fosters a more focused work environment but also contributes to enhanced digital well-being in today’s technology-driven landscape.

Effect on output

The constant use of Pause Instagram Reels can negatively impact productivity by reducing focus and causing task-switching. The app’s appealing quality may encourage users to browse for longer periods, reducing productivity.

This can also lead to increased mental effort to concentrate on the initial task. To reduce these effects, users should set limits and designated periods for social media activity, ensuring that apps like Instagram Reels help rather than hinder productivity.

Psychological health

Mental well-being is crucial for overall happiness and fulfilment. Social media platforms like Instagram Reels can impact mental health by exposing users to visually engaging content, leading to stress and information overload.

To protect mental health, it’s essential to take breaks and engage in activities that promote rest and mental renewal. This approach helps maintain a healthy relationship with technology and reduces the risk of burnout.

Interacting with the material

Engaging with Instagram content
Diving into the world of Instagram vibes
  • Interacting with and digesting the audiovisual information given is part of engaging with content, especially on social media sites like pause Instagram reels. This interaction can take many different forms in the context of reels, impacting viewers and content creators.
  • Regarding content makers, engagement refers to creating videos that draw viewers in, provoke discussion, and promote involvement. Creating memorable and shareable content entails utilizing creative components, storytelling, and distinctive aesthetics. An audience’s sense of connection to authors can be fostered by engaging material, which can improve exposure and interaction.
  • Engaging with content on social media sites like Instagram Reels involves viewer actions, including sharing, liking, and commenting on videos. By participating in the content, viewers can show appreciation for facts, humour, or innovation and build a vibrant, dynamic community.
  • For creators and consumers, pausing Instagram reels to interact with material becomes important. It enables a more thorough examination of the specifics, introspection on the ideas presented, and a deliberate appreciation of the content’s artistic elements.
  • In the ever-changing world of short-form video content pause Instagram reels, this intentional participation improves the whole experience. It helps to foster a more meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship between producers and their audience.

Examining specifics / Considering the message

Examining specifics Considering the message
Instagram Reels involves a meticulous examination of the details in short films, revealing the creators’ creativity and skill Instagram Reels encourages viewers to reflect on the message behind short-form video content, enhancing comprehension and connection to the content
This process helps viewers understand the meaning and complexity of each reel, fostering a stronger emotional bond . This encourages viewers to analyze the creators’ larger connotations, cultural allusions, factual value, and emotional reactions
Content makers must pay close attention to detail to produce engaging and memorable content Reflective engagement goes beyond visual appeal, fostering a deeper dialogue between producers and their audience
Improving the overall quality and viewing experience This enriches the audience’s experience, encouraging a closer bond with the material and a more deliberate approach to short-form video consumption on social media
Delving into details, contemplating the essence

How to Pause Instagram Reels

Quick guide on hitting pause for Instagram Reels mastery
Mastering the art of pause in the Instagram Reels rhythm
  • Instagram reels can be paused using several simple techniques to give consumers discretion over their consumption. The simplest method is to use the integrated pause button, which is usually indicated by two parallel lines and quickly stops playback when pressed.
  • Additionally, many gadgets have gesture controls, which let users swipe or press the screen to halt Instagram reels. Being accustomed to these motions improves user experience by increasing responsiveness and intuitiveness.
  • Furthermore, users can alter the parameters to affect Reel’s behaviour. Through the auto-play options, users can automatically opt out of the videos, playing one after the other. Users can now choose when to go on to the next movie and create a natural pause between each reel by turning off auto-play.
  • Moreover, controlling notification preferences adds even more control. By customizing their alerts, users may reduce the number of interruptions and make sure they only interact with Reels when it suits them, as opposed to being reminded to do so all the time.
  • Stopping Instagram Reels allows users to explore the material at their speed. It encourages a more deliberate and attentive approach to short-form video consumption on the platform through specific buttons, gestures, or customized settings.

Technical techniques

Technical solutions for stopping Instagram Reels include using the platform’s built-in features, functionality, and the devices that access it. The easiest and most popular way is to use the stop button built right into the Instagram interface. This button, typically pause Instagram reels represented by two parallel lines, allows users to quickly stop a reel from playing and provides a simple way to break the flow.

Furthermore, several gadgets and software provide gesture controls, allowing users to pause reels with precise screen swipes or presses. This simple strategy improves the user experience by offering a different, frequently faster way to pause video playback.

Gaining knowledge of and proficiency with these technical techniques makes using Instagram Reels easier for users and makes the feature’s operation more fluid and pleasurable. Through these integrated technologies. Users may take charge of their interaction with the material, allowing for deliberate breaks and a more customized viewing experience in the ever-changing social media short-form video landscape.

Take advantage of the pause button

 Instagram's pause button, your content control advantage
Instagram’s pause button: Your content, your pace

The playback of Instagram reels can be stopped easily and effectively using the pause button. When watching back videos on Instagram, the stop button is easily apparent and usually takes the form of two parallel lines. Users can pause and regulate the speed at which they consume content by using this button, which causes the movie to stop instantly.

The pause button is an intuitive and straightforward function that allows users to go among reels at their own pace freely. This feature is very helpful for customers who wish to pause their continuous video streaming to examine certain features, consider the message being delivered, or just relax. Gaining proficiency with the pause button enables users to interact with Instagram reels more purposefully. It changes the viewing experience from a mindless scan-through of stuff to a deliberate and engaged engagement.

The pause button is an essential feature that improves the overall control and enjoyment of watching short-form videos on the platform, whether one is interested in pause Instagram reels scrutinizing intricate details, admiring creative components, or just wishing to manage time more efficiently.

Controls with gestures

In the context of Pause Instagram Reels, gesture controls offer users a simple and engaging method to control the playing of videos with targeted screen taps or swipes. While these controls differ from device to device, they usually consist of basic movements that improve the user experience. For example, a simple tap on the screen may function as a pause or play command, enabling users to quickly and easily stop the reel from playing. Similarly, viewers may access more features or switch between other reels using a swipe gesture like a left or right swipe.

Users can engage with Instagram Reels more naturally and captivatingly by becoming proficient with these gesture controls. Users may effortlessly pause, play, or navigate through the material using their natural and comfortable movements instead of depending entirely on on-screen buttons. This user-friendly method improves the platform’s usability and accessibility by giving users easy control over their reel-watching experience.

In addition to making the UI easier to use, gesture controls offer a quick pause Instagram reels and easy way for users to personalize their interactions, which enhances the overall experience of watching short-form videos on Instagram.

Changing the parameters

Tweaking Instagram Reels settings for a customized viewing experience
Tailoring Instagram Reels to fit your style
  • Instagram users may personalize their Reel experience by changing the settings to suit their tastes. Changing the auto-play settings is an important setting that allows users to choose whether or not the following reel begins playing automatically.
  • By turning off auto-play, users may consciously pause videos in between and more carefully control how much content they see.
  • Notification settings are another important setting. Users can personalize their notification settings to reduce distractions and provide a more concentrated and uninterrupted watching experience.
  • With the help of these customizable options, users may reshape their social media landscape to suit their preferred degree of interaction and deliberate consumption of Instagram Reels short films.

Auto-play customizations

  1. Instagram Reels allows users to customize their engagement style through auto-play settings.
  2. Users can decide whether the next video starts automatically after the current one ends, providing control over content advancement and encouraging thoughtful engagement.
  3. Auto-play enables a personalized experience, allowing users to design their interaction with Instagram Reels based on their preferences.

Notification preferences

  1. Instagram users can personalize and manage alerts for Instagram Reels by adjusting notification settings.
  2. They have the flexibility to choose specific alert categories and modify the frequency, striking a balance between staying informed and avoiding interruptions.
  3. This approach empowers users to limit notifications for general material updates while ensuring they receive alerts for direct conversations.
  4. The personalized notification settings contribute to an enhanced social media experience, giving users greater control over their interactions on Instagram Reels.

Benefits of Pausing Instagram Reels

Unveiling the perks of pausing Instagram Reels
Pause, play, delight. Instagram Reels at Your Pace

Instagram reel pauses provide several important advantages:

  • First off, lessening distractions, stopping continuous scrolling, and letting people focus on other things enhances focus. This deliberate pause improves efficiency and production overall.
  • Second, by preventing information overload, it promotes thoughtful consumption. Users can better grasp and appreciate the messages by pausing to think about the content.
  • Thirdly, avoiding excessive screen time and the possible mental weariness linked to continuous exposure to short-form videos helps to promote a healthier balance between online and offline activities.
Ultimately, pause Instagram reels for better attention, pause Instagram reels thoughtful participation, and a more positive and balanced digital experience—benefits beyond simple distraction management.

Enhanced concentration

  • One benefit of pausing Instagram loops is that it helps you focus better by reducing distractions and increasing productivity. Users can refocus their attention on duties or vital tasks by purposefully breaking the endless loop of brief movies.
  • This intentional diversion from visual stimuli helps people work or engage in other functions with more attention by minimizing disruptions.
  • Furthermore, a more focused environment creates a more favourable atmosphere for finishing tasks. Instagram Reels help users develop self-control by allowing them to pause the stream of interesting but sometimes distracting stuff.
  • This deliberate approach to distraction management boosts output and encourages more thoughtful time management, which eventually helps people become more focused and achieve their objectives.

Minimizing disruptions

Instagram reel pauses help reduce distractions by giving users a more unbroken and concentrated atmosphere. Short films that play nonstop might be annoying since they take focus away from important work or obligations.

Users can reduce interruptions and maintain continuous concentration on their jobs or activities by purposefully halting reels.

Intentionally stopping users from consuming content allows them to control their attention and keeps the platform from being a continual source of distraction. People can pause Instagram reels carve out time for introspection, evaluation, and job prioritizing by pausing between films so they are not constantly tempted by interesting but possibly distracting content.

Cutting down on disruptions helps people spend their time more thoughtfully and efficiently, increasing productivity. It allows users to balance taking advantage of reels’ entertainment value with concentrating steadily and intently on other facets of their lives.

Increasing focus

Improving focus by purposefully stopping Instagram clips entails setting up a space that invites complete and concentrated attention. Short-form video exposure regularly can cause attentional disarray and lower cognitive engagement.

Through deliberate pausing of reel playback, users give themselves short rest, avoiding mental strain and encouraging improved focus.

Pausing reels act as a mental pause button that people can use to strategically shift their attention to pursuits that need longer periods of concentration. This intentional disruption clears the mind for in-depth work, reflective thought, or fully immersing oneself in other pursuits.

In the end, the deliberate disruption of reels to boost attention encourages a more conscientious and efficient use of cognitive resources, leading to better task performance and increased mental clarity and focus.

Consuming with awareness

Navigating Instagram content with heightened awareness and mindfulness
Scrolling with purpose on Instagram

Instagram reel pause enables mindful consumption, the deliberate and contemplative interaction with content to foster a deeper and more fulfilling experience. By pausing, users can prevent information overload and give their content consumption some thought.

It promotes an attentive understanding of every reel’s messages, aesthetics, and creative components.

People may better enjoy the nuances, comprehend the meanings, and establish a deeper connection with the content creators by actively engaging with the information instead of simply skimming through it. This deliberate method of consumption improves understanding and turns watching reels into a thoughtful and satisfying activity.

In general, mindful consumption promotes intentionality, mindfulness, and appreciation of the content, which helps users maintain a healthy and balanced connection with social media sites like Instagram.

Preventing information overload

Instagram reels can help avoid information overload by allowing users to pause Instagram reels. This prevents cognitive overload by carefully controlling the amount of consumed content. An excessive volume of information can result from the continuous barrage of quick videos on reels, which could impair understanding and raise stress levels.

By purposefully taking a break from their content consumption, consumers give themselves a chance to think, digest, and minimize the harmful effects of too much knowledge.

People may regulate how quickly they interact with the content thanks to this purposeful interruption, which promotes a more deliberate and regulated approach to information consumption.

Users may foster a more pleasant and sustainable relationship with Instagram Reels and minimize the potential negative consequences of being swamped with a continual flow of short-form films by avoiding information overload and maintaining a clearer mental space.

Improving understanding of the content

Instagram reel pausing improves information comprehension by forcing users to intentionally take breaks to comprehend and interact with the content fully. Users can allow time for introspection, analysis, and a more thorough comprehension of the messages delivered by introducing breaks in the continuous stream of brief movies.

Taking a moment to pause allows viewers to examine details, value creative components, and understand the subtleties within the content.

This purposeful approach encourages people to engage with the creator’s intended messages and take in the information more deeply than skimming the surface. Pausing encourages deliberate interaction and ensures visitors get the most out of the content.

Fundamentally, improving content understanding with deliberate pauses makes for a richer and more fulfilling experience on Instagram Reels by facilitating a closer relationship with the platform’s varied and dynamic short-form video content.

Possible Consequences of Watching Reels Nonstop

Engrossed in a continuous stream of Instagram Reels, enjoying uninterrupted content exploration
Immersed in an endless reel journey on Instagram

Instagram users may have detrimental effects if they watch videos continuously:
The compelling quality of short videos may cause people to become distracted from important duties and obligations, resulting in decreased productivity.

Individuals may experience information overload, which prevents pause Instagram reels them from effectively comprehending the constant barrage of content.
Spending too much time on screens, particularly on visually engaging sites like Reels, can hurt mental health and cause digital fatigue.

Furthermore, watching reels nonstop could result in lazy and thoughtless content interaction, which would lower the standard of the user experience. Acknowledging these possible downsides highlights the significance of conscientious consumption and users’ need to moderate their interactions with Instagram Reels to preserve a constructive and healthful association with the platform.

Duration of time spent

The amount of time people spend interacting with Instagram reels is considered time consumption, and using them excessively might have negative effects.

Watching quick movies nonstop can result in a significant time commitment that could be used for other worthwhile or recreational pursuits. Reels’ attractive quality may encourage extended scrolling sessions, leading to poor time management and decreased productivity on daily chores.

Moreover, spending too much time on technology might cause digital fatigue and take away from personal social interactions. Users must balance the time they spend consuming content on social media sites like Instagram with the time they spend on other facets of their lives.

Setting time restrictions and implementing deliberate pauses can help promote a more appropriate and balanced usage of Instagram clips.

Influence on day-to-day activities

  • Instagram Reels can significantly impact daily activities, disrupting habits and schedules, and potentially affecting productivity and time management.
  • To manage this, users should establish breaks, and usage limits, and schedule social media activities at specific times, ensuring a balance between online and in-person obligations.

Lost time at work

  • Instagram Reels can significantly impact daily activities, disrupting habits and schedules, and potentially affecting productivity and time management.
  • To manage this, users should establish breaks, and usage limits, and schedule social media.
  • Activities at specific times, ensuring a balance between online and in-person obligations.

Mental exhaustion due to Pause Instagram Reel

Experiencing mental exhaustion from constant scrolling through Instagram Reels
Instagram Reels marathon: Where fascination meets mental fatigue

The term “mental fatigue,” is brought on by watching Instagram clips nonstop. Describes the tiredness and depletion of mental faculties brought on by watching short films for an extended period. Reels’ quick-paced, visually exciting content can be mentally taxing, impair judgment, decrease focus, and heighten feelings of tiredness.

Overconsumption of videos and scrolling may lead to information overload. Which damages the brain’s capacity to process and remember information properly.

Furthermore, the constant barrage of content might interfere with the normal pauses. Required for brain renewal, resulting in burnout and elevated stress levels. Understanding the possibility of mental exhaustion highlights the importance of establishing boundaries. And including deliberate breaks to manage screen usage properly.

Using this method, users can avoid negative effects on their mental health. And maintain a healthier and more sustainable relationship with Instagram Reels.

Exposure to content constantly

Constant exposure to material is the term used to describe watching short films. Continuously for a longer amount of time, especially on sites like Instagram Reels. Reels’ dynamic and visually captivating style entice viewers to browse a never-ending stream of content— pause Instagram reelsoften without deliberate pauses. Constant exposure to information can cause information saturation, which makes it harder to understand or value particular pieces of content.

Digital weariness may also result from the immersive experience of consuming content continuously. As the mind can get overloaded with visual stimulation. Maintaining a balanced and conscientious attitude to social media use requires understanding the possible effects of ongoing exposure. Intentional breaks between material consumption give users back control over their interaction. Encouraging more deliberate and long-lasting use of apps like Instagram Reels.

Psychological ramifications

Constantly interacting with Instagram clips has psychological ramifications that could affect cognitive functions and mental health. Regular exposure to visually exciting content can exacerbate information overload, which can impair cognitive function and cause mental exhaustion.

Short videos’ fast-paced format may also impact viewers’ emotional states. Because of how frequently the content changes to alter focus and mood.

Furthermore, ongoing participation may foster social comparison, affecting one’s sense of self-worth and how one’s life compares to others. Constantly searching for interesting information may cause one to become dependent on outside stimuli for fulfilment, which may impact one’s psychological health in the long run.
Understanding these ramifications highlights how crucial it is to use social media in a balanced and thoughtful manner. To take deliberate breaks, and to be conscious of any possible psychological impacts. Off frequent usage of sites like Instagram Reels.

Tips for a Balanced Approach

  • To effectively manage Instagram Reels, set time restrictions to prevent excessive.
  • Scrolling and integrating it into daily schedules without disrupting other obligations.
  • Deliberately stopping and putting down the screen can improve social media relationships.
  • Avoid information overload, and encourage thoughtful use of digital detox days.
  • Self-awareness about social media’s impact on mental health is crucial for a balanced. 
  • Positive experience on platforms like Instagram Reels, requiring emotional monitoring and necessary adjustments.

Setting time limits

Imposing time limits on Instagram Reels for a balanced digital experience
Finding balance by setting limits on Instagram Reels watching time

Establishing time limits is a proactive tactic to create balanced and healthful Instagram Reels using routine. Users can reduce the risk of prolonged screen time and avoid excessive. Scrolling by setting fixed durations for social media engagement. This deliberate strategy ensures that social media use does not interfere with important tasks or duties, helping to manage productivity.

Establishing time limitations encourages self-control, enabling users to take advantage of the site without jeopardizing their general well-being. It encourages users to make more deliberate and thoughtful use of their time. Allowing them to balance the entertainment value of movies with the responsibilities of their everyday lives.

Scheduling designated times for Reels

Setting aside specified times in one’s daily schedule for social media interaction with pause Instagram reels. Known as scheduling defined times for Instagram reels. Users can incorporate Reels into their agenda without letting it interfere. With other obligations or activities by setting up explicit timeframes. This deliberate strategy helps people better manage their time by preventing the platform from being a continual source of distraction.

Setting aside particular times for reels fosters a well-organized and harmonious interaction with the platform. During these scheduled times, users can watch short-form videos to ensure their social media use fits into their daily schedule. And doesn’t conflict with their study, work, or personal time.

In the larger framework of everyday life, this technique encourages a deliberate and thoughtful approach to content consumption. Which helps to foster a more positive and long-lasting interaction with Instagram clips.

Creating a mindful social media routine

Crafting a thoughtful and intentional social media routine for a more mindful online experience
Mindful scrolling, intentional connections

Establishing a conscious social media regimen is planning one’s interactions on sites. Such as Instagram Reels in a way that promotes a healthy and balanced experience. One way for users to prevent impulsive and protracted browsing. Social media is to establish designated hours for their usage.

This deliberate scheduling ensures that social media usage is integrated into everyday life without taking precedence over other commitments.

Furthermore, by including shorter reel breaks into the schedule, users can engage with the platform. In a focused and brief manner, they are preventing it from becoming a continual source of distraction. Consuming content while taking deliberate breaks and times for introspection makes using social media more enriching and attentive.

A mindful social media habit generally emphasizes purposeful and constructive interaction, encouraging a better relationship. With apps like Instagram Reels and avoiding the detrimental effects of excessive use on productivity and mental health.


Why is there a need to pause Instagram Reels?

Users often encounter situations where they want to take a closer look or discuss the content within Instagram Reels. The ability to pause the videos allows for a more flexible and interactive experience.

How would the pause feature impact the overall user experience?

The pause feature is designed to enhance user satisfaction by providing more control over content consumption.

Users can pause, reflect, and engage with reel content at their own pace, fostering a more enjoyable and interactive environment.

Are there potential drawbacks to introducing a pause feature in Instagram Reels?

While the pause feature aims to improve user experience, potential drawbacks could include disruptions to the seamless flow of content.

However, the blog post addresses strategies for mitigating such concerns and finding a balance between user preferences and platform goals.


  • Instagram reel pauses are essential for a healthier digital experience, allowing users to control focus and time management.
  • They reduce the negative effects of continuous watching, such as lost work time and information overload.
  • Intentional pauses encourage thoughtful consumption, improve understanding, and maintain daily routines.
  • Promoting deliberate involvement on platforms like Instagram Reels is crucial for a balanced approach to social media usage.
  • Setting clear goals, prioritizing quality over quantity, and limiting time for content reflection are recommended.
  • Self-awareness can help users avoid digital weariness and information overload, ensuring social media enhances daily activities and promotes mental well-being.
  • They promote a balanced strategy that aligns with personal priorities and well-being.

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