Alexa Randomly Playing Music? Here’s How to Fix It

Alexa device with text overlay: 'Alexa Playing Music on Its Own (Quick Troubleshooting)
Unwanted tunes? Alexa’s solo act solved with quick tips

Is Alexa abruptly jamming out whilst you least anticipate it? Learn why Alexa Randomly Playing Music offevolved gambling track and a way to get her back beneath manipulation. Alexa is about using the default to play songs from music carriers like Amazon Music, and SpotifysongsPandora. Check those settings and flip off “Play music by way of default”. Voice shopping is enabled, causing Alexa to misread instructions and begin playback. Disable this feature. There are music alarms, timers or routines set up that trigger music at specific times. Check the Alarms & Timers section to disable any unwanted ones.

Alexa’s voice model needs re-training to better recognize your voice commands. You can re-train the model in the Alexa app. There are issues with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection causing random playback. Reset your router and Echo device to resolve connection issues. An Alexa skill was enabled by accident that triggers music. Check the list of enabled skills and disable any unneeded ones, If the issue persists, try resetting your Echo device, checking voice profiles, disabling the follow-up mode, or contacting Amazon Alexa support for help. A device reset can resolve many software issues that cause random music playback.

Alexa Playing Music on Its Own (Quick Troubleshooting) 

Has Alexa started randomly gambling track with no prompts? Don’t worry, there are some short fixes you could try to get Alexa back in order.

Check Your Music Provider Settings

First, double-check your music provider settings to make sure Alexa isn’t set to play music by default. In the Alexa app, go to Settings → Music. Make sure “Play music by default” is turned off for services like Amazon Music, Spotify or Pandora. If it’s on, Alexa randomly playing music as soon as she hears an audio prompt that sounds like a song request.

Disable Voice Purchasing

If you have voice purchasing enabled, Alexa may misinterpret something you said as a request to purchase or play music. Go to Settings → Voice Purchasing and toggle the switch to disable this feature. This will prevent Alexa from making any purchases or starting playback without your consent.

Turn Off Music Alarms or Timers

Do you have any music alarms, reminders or timers set up? Alexa may be playing music when one of these timers goes off. Check the Alarms & Timers section of the Alexa app and disable any music alarms or timers that may be triggering playback.

Re-Train Your Voice Model

Over time, Alexa adapts to your voice and speech patterns through voice training. But this can sometimes lead Alexa to make more errors in understanding your commands. You can re-train your voice model in the Alexa app under Settings → Your Voice. Follow the on-screen prompts to provide additional voice samples and re-train Alexa to better recognize your speech.

Restart Your Echo Device

If all else fails, a simple restart of your Echo tool can also do the trick. Unplug your Echo for at least 30 seconds to completely energy it down. Then plug it back in and look forward to the light ring turning orange, indicating the tool has fully restarted. This refresh can assist in remedying any software program issues causing undesirable playback.

With a few short setting adjustments and troubleshooting steps, you may get Alexa returned to following your track requests only whilst you intend! Let me know when you have some other questions.

Human Error and Unwanted Music Playback

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Oops! Unwanted tunes? Human error at play

Has your Alexa tool been randomly gambling tune while you least assume it? This surprising and unwanted playback is usually the result of some common errors.

You enabled a musical ability using coincidence

It’s clean to permit an Alexa skill without knowing it, especially if someone else in your household set it up. Double-test the list of enabled abilities inside the Alexa app and Alexa randomly playing music to disable any track abilities you don’t recognize. These abilities can trigger playback at random times if abilities are configured.

Your wake phrase becomes induced inadvertently

If Alexa’s wake phrase, like “Alexa” or “Echo” becomes spoken on the TV, radio or in communication, it may have triggered track to start gambling. Make certain you’ve chosen a wake phrase that is not going for used frequently on your property. You can also alter the sensitivity of the wake word within the Alexa app to prevent false triggers.

You have Routines enabled that consist of music

Alexa Routines are beneficial for automating a series of movements, however, if one in every one of your Routines includes playing a song, it could be activating suddenly. Review any Routines you have installed and disable the track issue if wanted. You may also need to disable the whole Routine if song playback is the number one function.

You have voice purchasing enabled

If voice purchasing is enabled on your Alexa tool, anybody in your family can request music by simply taking the call of an artist, track or playlist. This can easily lead to undesirable song playback. Go to Settings -> Voice Purchasing in the Alexa app and disable the feature.

By checking those common culprits, you need to be capable of disposing of the issue of Alexa randomly playing music while you least anticipate it. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Another Way to Check Why Alexa Plays Music Randomly

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Alexa acting up? Here’s another way to troubleshoot

Have you checked your Alexa voice command records these days? This can offer insights into why Alexa may be activating and playing tracks when you do not anticipate it. To view your voice command records, open the Alexa app for your smartphone and visit Settings > Account > History. You’ll see a list of all the voice instructions you have given Alexa lately.

Scroll through and look for any commands that could have triggered Alexa to start playing music. Sometimes Alexa may misinterpret ambient noise or Alexa randomly playing music a phrase on TV as a command to play music. If you spot any erroneous music commands, you can delete them from your history to prevent Alexa from acting on them again in the future.

Check for Errant Voice Profiles

Do you have a couple of voice profile installations for extraordinary contributor profile installations feasible that Alexa is responding to a command from every other individual’s voice profile? To take a look, open the Alexa app and go to Settings > Account > Voice Profiles. Review the profiles indexed and test if any have these days issued a command to play the rack. If so, you may need to alter the sensitivity of Alexa’s wake phrase detection to keep away from confusion between specific voices.

Review Your Alexa Routines

If you’ve installed any Alexa Routines that involve gambling track at certain times or in reaction to triggers like a smart device motion, double test that the suitable instructions and movements are configured nicely. For example, if you have an “exact morning” ordinary set to play Alexa randomly playing music and an upbeat tune when your clever lighting activates but Alexa is firing at the wrong time, you will need to edit or disable that ordinary. Review all of your routines and make certain the triggers and instructions are running as intended.

By checking those ability problems, you must be capable of deciding why Alexa is playing track at random and making modifications to restore the problem. Let me know if you have any other questions!

What to Do if the Alexa Music Playback Issue Persists

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Persistent music issue with Alexa? Here’s the next step

If Alexa is still randomly playing music after trying the initial troubleshooting steps, don’t worry, there are a few more things you can try.

Check Your Alexa Voice Profiles

Do you have multiple voice profiles set up on your Alexa device? If so, Alexa may be confusing different profiles and playing music based on another profile’s listening preferences or commands to Alexa randomly playing music. Go into the Alexa app and under Settings, select Voice Profiles. Remove any unused or unnecessary profiles. This should help Alexa better recognize individual voices and commands.

Reset Your Alexa Device / Disable the Follow-Up Mode

Reset Your Alexa Device Disable the Follow-Up Mode
Resetting your Alexa speaker or show is an easy way to refresh the gadget The comply with-up mode on Alexa allows for extra herbal returned-and-forth communication
Fix any software system defects causing music to play at random Using listening for some seconds
To reset, unplug the electricity cable from your Alexa tool for a minimum of 2 mins after your use and for feasible follow-up instructions
This resets the device. Plug power back in and as soon as the mild ring turns orange, you may want to go through the setup process again However, it can every so often choose up on ambient noise or radio and blunder it for a command to play music
Re-connect with your Wi-Fi Alexa randomly playing music, signal into your Amazon account Disabling the comply with-up mode might also remedy your problem
Enable any capabilities you have been using In the Alexa app, go to Settings, choose your Alexa device
This reset must solve many playback troubles Turn off the Follow-Up Mode choice
Reset your device or disable the Follow-Up Mode for a seamless interaction

Contact Amazon Alexa Support

If your Alexa speaker is still gambling music at random after trying the stairs right here, it’s fine to contact Amazon’s Alexa assist for further help. They can run diagnostics to test for any device-precise issues and might even need to update the unit if vital. You can reach Alexa help through chat on Amazon’s website, by using a smartphone, or by using e-mail. They’re to be had 2a 4 hours an afternoon, 7 days a week to assist clear up your Alexa problems.

With some troubleshooting, you must be able to quiet a noisy Alexa and get lower back to using voice commands expectantly once more. Let me know if you have any other questions!

FAQs Alexa Randomly Playing Music


  • Check your tune issuer settings to ensure “Play a tune by way of default” is grown to become off for services like Amazon Musihas Grownify, or Pandora. This may be to reason Alexa plays tracks as quickly because it hears an audio set off.
  • Disable the “Voice Purchasing” function to prevent Alexa from making purchases or beginning playback without your consent.
  • Turn off any tune alarms, timers, or reminders that might be triggering Alexa to play a tune.
  • Re-educate Alexa’s voice model via voice education within the Alexa app to reduce errors in information your instructions.
  • Restart your Echo tool by unplugging it for at least 30 seconds. This can remedy software troubles inflicting undesirable playback.
  • Check your Alexa voice command history for any instructions that mistakenly triggered tune playback.
  • Review any Routines you’ve got installed and disable the track issue if wished.
  • Reset your Alexa tool utilizing unplugging Alexa randomly playing music on it for a couple of minutes. This can clear up issues causing random tune playback.
  • Contact Amazon Alexa aid for diagnostics and viable tool replacement if the problem persists.

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