Alexa Reminders Not Working? How to Fix It

various factors leading to Alexa reminders not working, including outdated app, Wi-Fi issues, and device selection errors
Reasons why Alexa reminders may fail

Are Alexa Reminders Not Working? Leeway to troubleshoot and fix Alexa’s reminders to get them operating again and experiencing troubles with your Alexa reminders? Let’s troubleshoot. From previous app variations to connectivity system faults, several factors can disrupt your reminders. Let’s delve into common motives and quick fixes to get your reminders lower back on track.

Common Reasons Why Alexa Reminders Stop Working

Outdated Alexa App

If you have not been up to date with the Alexa app in a while, that could be the perpetrator. The developers are usually enhancing the software and fixing bugs, so update to the modern-day model to ensure you have got the maximum solid experience.

Full Reminders List

Alexa can most effectively hold songs of so many reminders and effectively mix them up. Go via your reminder listing and delete any old or needless ones. Keep your listing pared down to the essentials.

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Issues

Alexa needs a strong Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to set and announce reminders well. Make sure your Echo device is not too long away from your router and that there aren’t any important walls or obstructions in between. You may additionally want to transport the Echo closer or spend money on a Wi-Fi range extender.

Do Not Disturb Mode

If you’ve got Do Not Disturb mode enabled for positive hours, Alexa may not announce any reminders during that point. Double take a look at that Do Not Disturb is disabled or regulates the agenda so it would not be warfare with when you have reminders set.

Wrong Device Selected

When you create a reminder, make sure you have the proper Echo tool selected. If you place a reminder for the Echo in your kitchen however intended to have it go off to your living room, the reminder might not work as supposed. Always double-check which device is chosen before saving a reminder.

With a bit of troubleshooting, you may have your Alexa reminders working properly again right away. Let me know if any of those solutions help get your smart assistant lower back on the agenda!

How to Troubleshoot Alexa Reminders Not Functioning

Has Alexa forgotten approximately your reminders currently? Don’t fear, it is frequently an easy repair. Here are some things to check:

Check Alexa’s connection

Make sure your Echo tool is attached to the internet. If Alexa appears unresponsive altogether, strive to unplug your Echo for a few minutes and unplug it again. This restarts the tool and typically fixes minor troubles.

Double-test your reminder settings

Log into your Alexa app and verify that reminders are enabled to your account and the Echo tool. Also test that you have the proper time zone, date, and time set in your vicinity. Incorrect settings are a common purpose for missed reminders.

Did you specify a reminder efficiently?

  • When putting a reminder, be very clear in specifying what exactly you need to be reminded approximately, when, and how often. Say something like “Alexa, remind me to take out the trash each Thursday at 7 pm.” Rather than something vague like “re7 p7 pm me about that thing later.” Alexa needs unique info to set an effective reminder.
  • If problems continue after attempting the stairs above, you may want to reset your Echo device to the manufacturing facility’s default settings. This will remove your account records, settings, and any clever domestic tool connections from the Echo. As a last resort, you may want to contact Amazon customer support for similar assistance in troubleshooting or ability hardware issues.
  • With a little patience and troubleshooting, you’ll get Alexa to remember her standard self very quickly. And maybe deliver her an additional thank you next time she chimes in properly on schedule! She does her pleasant, although the era isn’t always the best. But when she’s operating well, Alexa’s reminders may be truely useful.

Re-Enabling Reminders inside the Alexa App

Screenshot of the Alexa app with the reminders feature being re-enabled
Reactivating reminders in the Alexa app
  • Whenever you’ve found the reason why your Alexa updates have quit working, now is the right time to make them ready once more. Open the Alexa app on your cellphone and visit Settings. Select “Reminders and Alarms” or “Notifications” and toggle the transfer next to “Reminders” to turn the characteristic returned on.
  • If reminders are already enabled in the app but are still no longer functioning, strive to disable reminders then re-enabling the futon disable his reset and assist in solving any software program system faults stin preventing the reminders from operating nicely.
  • You must also check that reminders are enabled on your particular Alexa device like an Echo speaker. In the Alexa app, select the Devices option and pick your Echo tool. Scroll down to the “Notifications” section and make sure the toggle after “Reminders” is turned on. If it changed to disabled, toggling it again must get your reminders running once more on that device.
  • On rare events, there may be trouble together with your Wi-Fi connection stopping reminders from functioning. Try rebooting your router and modem, then restart your Alexa devices. Once the devices reconnect to Wi-Fi, reminders should start working once more.
  • As a remaining hotel, you can need to reset your Alexa device to factory default settings to repair full functionality. Make sure reminders are enabled in the Alexa app first. Then press and maintain the movement button for your Echo device for 15-20 seconds till the mild ring turns orange, indicating it has reset. Your device will undergo the preliminary setup manner once more. When complete, reminders must once again be active.
  • If reminders still do now not work after attempting the steps here, touch the Amazon Alexa guide for in addition assist in resolving the problem. With a few troubleshooting, you may get your beneficial reminders from Alexa returned up and running very quickly.

Tips to Fix Alexa Reminders Not Working Properly

Check connectivity problemsCheck reminder settings
The maximum not unusual cause of Alexa reminders to stop working is a lack of connectivityYour reminder settings may have been modified or turned off
Make sure your Echo tool is connected to energy and the netIn the Alexa app, visit Settings > Reminders
If it’s been moved these days, the Wi-Fi password may also need to be re-enteredMake sure “Enable Reminders” is turned on
Once connected, say “Alexa, take me back to the fact toYou may need to double-check the default reminder time to double-check your needs
To check if reminders are functioning nicely once moreWhile inside the settings, toggle some other alternatives like “Reminder Sound” or “Brief Mode” for your choices
Ensure connectivity and review reminder settings

Delete and re-create reminders

If connectivity and settings appear to be okay, the subsequent step is deleting your present reminders and re-growing them. In the Alexa app, visit Reminders > Completed Reminders. Delete any reminders listed there. Next, visit Upcoming Reminders and delete those as well. Once all reminders have been deleted, begin from scratch with the aid of re-growing any critical reminders with the usage of voice instructions like “Alexa, job my memory to walk the dog at 6 pm.”

Reset your Echo tool

As a final resort, you may need to reset your Echo to factory defamatory settings. This will erase all records, reminders, abilities, and settings from the tool. Say “abilities set to factory defaults” to start the reset process. Your Echo will reboot, then go through the preliminary setup steps. Re-create any reminders and personalize settings on your preferences. If reminders nevertheless do not work nicely after a reset, the difficulty may additionally require contacting Amazon aid for added assistance.

With a few troubleshooting, you’ll get Alexa spouting off reminders again very quickly. Let me know if any of these recommendations help get your Echo back on schedule!

Alexa Reminders Not Working FAQs: Answering Common Questions

Why is my Alexa no longer giving me notifications?

Your Alexa might not be giving you notifications due to numerous motives, including:

1. Notification settings might be disabled in the Alexa app.
2. The tool might be offline or experiencing connectivity issues.
3. There can be a software program replace pending to your Alexa tool.
4. Notifications might be muted or become off for unique talents or offerings.
Five. Your device may not guide notifications for certain types of signals.
6. There may be a temporary glitch or technical difficulty with the Alexa service.

Why is Alexa not reminding me?

Alexa won’t be reminding you for several motives. It may be because of a vulnerable net connection, wrong settings, or the reminder no longer being nicely installed. Double-take a look at your tool’s connectivity, make sure reminders are enabled in the Alexa app and affirm that you’ve installed the reminder successfully with the proper time and command. Assuming the issue continues, take a stab at restarting your gadget or reaching Amazon client care for help.

Why are Alexa reminders not running on my iPhone?

Alexa updates may not be working in that frame of mind because of different thought processes along with availability inconveniences, old application models, or wrong settings. Make sure your iPhone has a strong net association, update the Alexa application to the current model, and investigate the application’s notice and update settings to guarantee they might be designed proficiently. Assuming the issue continues, endeavour to restart your iPhone or reinstall the Alexa application.

How do I get Alexa to announce reminders?

To get Alexa to declare updates, you could set up updates with the use of the Alexa application on your cellphone or with the guide of requesting that Alexa make an update utilizing voice orders. When the update is prepared, Alexa will report it at the expected time.


  • An outdated Alexa app can reason reminders to forestall operating. Ensure the Alexa app is up to date with today’s model.
  • Too many reminders can cause Alexa to neglect or blend them up. Delete useless reminders and preserve the listing pared down.
  • Weak Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection can impact reminders. Move the Echo closer to the router or use a Wi-Fi extender if needed.
  • Do Not Disturb mode, if enabled, will mute reminders throughout that time. Adjust the schedule so reminders can go through.
  • Make certain the right Echo tool is chosen when placing reminders to make sure reminders go off on the intended device.
  • Reset your Echo tool to factory defaults as a remaining lodge to erase all statistics and set reminders and settings after the reset.
  • Contact Amazon customer support if reminders still do not paint properly after troubleshooting.

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