Smart Life Not Working With Alexa? How to Fix

Troubleshooting common Smart Life to Alexa connection issues
Resolve Smart Life to Alexa connection hiccups

We discuss commonplace issues encountered when connecting Smart Life Not Working With Alexa and offer troubleshooting hints to remedy them. It covers problems like tool discovery problems, connection timeouts, and unresponsive gadgets, supplying solutions and ensuring gadgets are in the same Wi-Fi community, enhancing Wi-Fi signal strength, and cleaning connections through app interactions. Additionally, it outlines steps to link Smart Life accounts to the Alexa app and offers troubleshooting recommendations for when Smart Life gadgets aren’t responding to Alexa instructions, checking Wi-Fi connections, relinking bills, and rebooting devices.

Common Issues When Connecting Smart Life to Alexa

Many human beings have problems integrating their Smart Life devices with Alexa. Here are a number of the not unusual problems and a way to restoration them:

Can’t Discover Devices

If Alexa cannot discover your Smart Life gadgets, double-check that they’re on the same Wi-Fi network. Smart Life merchandise connects directly to your router, so if Alexa is on your guest network and the Smart Life gear is on your fundamental network, they may not see each other. Switch the whole thing to the identical network and discovery needs to start working.

Connection Times Out

A timeout normally way your Wi-Fi sign isn’t always robust sufficient inside the area where your devices are installed. Consider moving your router toward the difficult device or adding a Wi-Fi range extender. You can also strive to restart your router and the Smart Life product to refresh the relationship.

Alexa Says “Device Not Responding”

In this error approach, Alexa can see your Smart Life tools but can’t manipulate them for some cause. Often, it is due to the fact your device turned offline when Alexa last checked. First, open the Smart Life app to make certain all gadgets are online. Then, cross into the Alexa app, select the non-responsive device, and choose “Forget Device.” Finally, rediscover the device in the Alexa app – this refreshes the connection and typically fixes the issue.

With a little troubleshooting, you may be controlling your Smart Life devices with Alexa voice instructions very quickly. Let me know when you have some other questions!

How to Link Your Smart Life Account to the Alexa App

Step-by-step guide for linking Smart Life with Alexa
Connect Smart Life to Alexa effortlessly

To get your Smart Life devices gambling great with Alexa, you may want to link your debts. Here’s how:

Download the Smart Life app

If you haven’t at this point, download the Adroit Life application for your mobile phone. This is where you will control all of your Brilliant Life devices. Pursue a record or sign in when you have one.

Enable the Smart Life skill in the Alexa app

Open the Alexa app for your smartphone and visit Skills and Games. Search for “Smart Life” and select the Smart Life ability. Tap “Enable Skill” to hyperlink the talent on your Alexa account.

Log into your Smart Life account in the Alexa app

When brought on inside the Alexa app, input the e-mail deal with and password in your Smart Life account. This hyperlinks your Smart Life devices to Alexa so you can manage them with voice commands.

Discover your gadgets

  • Once linked, your Smart Life gadgets like clever plugs, bulbs, and sensors have to appear inside the Alexa app below Devices.
  • Alexa may additionally discover a few gadgets mechanically.
  • But you may also choose “Discover Devices” in the Smart Life ability to look for new ones to feature.
  • Now you can control your Smart Life gadgets through Alexa.
  • With the use of simple voice instructions like “Alexa, activate the dwelling room light” 
  • “Alexa set the thermostat to seventy-two ranges.” How’s that for clever dwelling

If in a few cases, the skill isn’t always running as anticipated after setup, strive to unlink your Smart Life account and link it again. You can also need to energy cycle some of your Smart Life gadgets. But with a little persistence, you’ll be commanding your clever home simply right away!

Troubleshooting Tips When Smart Life Is Not Responding to Alexa

If your Smart Life devices aren’t responding to Alexa instructions, don’t panic—there are some matters you may try to get the whole thing operating once more.

Double-test Wi-Fi connection / Relink Smart Life account

Double-test Wi-Fi connection Relink Smart Life account
Make sure your Smart Life gadgets like clever plugs Your Smart Life account may have grown to be disconnected from Alexa
lighting fixtures or cameras are still related to your Wi-Fi community Open the Smart Life app, visit “Profile” and pick “Link with Alexa”
Unstable Wi-Fi can sometimes cause connectivity issues with Alexa Follow the activities to relink your account
Reboot your router and Smart Life gadgets This should re-establish the connection and permit Alexa
To refresh the connection To find out your devices again
Ensure Wi-Fi strength and reconnect Smart Life for seamless control

Check for software program updates

Obsolete programming is a typical justification for specialized framework flaws. Update the Brilliant Life application for your cellphone as well as the firmware in your Savvy Life devices like shrewd attachments or bulbs. You should furthermore supplant the Alexa application and your Reverberation devices. Programming refreshes consistently integrate fundamental security patches and availability fixes.

Try rebooting your Echo

If all else appears regular but Alexa is still no longer responding to your Smart Life instructions, try rebooting your Echo Show, Echo Dot or different Alexa-enabled tool. A quick reboot can refresh the relationship between your Smart Life account and devices. Unplug the power cable for 30 seconds and plug it returned in.

Once you’ve tried the troubleshooting suggestions, take a look to see if Alexa is now coming across and controlling your Smart Life devices. If issues persist, you may need to contact Smart Life Assist for further help. But in most cases, a few quick fixes are all it takes to get your clever home connections operating nicely again.

Resetting Your Smart Life Devices and Alexa Skills

Have you taken a stab at switching it now and again? Resetting your Brilliant Life devices and Alexa skills is one of the least difficult techniques to fix availability issues. Begin by utilizing power trekking your Savvy Life centre, extension or door gadget. Turn off the energy link for 1 moment, then, at that point, plug it back in. This extreme reset the gadget and could clear up numerous typical programming framework deserts.

Unlinking and Relinking Your Smart Life Account

If you are still having trouble, you may want to unlink and relink your Smart Life account in the Alexa app. Open the Alexa app on your cellphone and visit Skills and Games. Select Smart Life from the listing of abilities. Tap the “Disable Skill” button to unlink your account. Then tap “Enable Skill” to link it again. You’ll want to signal into your Smart Life account to relink it. This method will reset the relationship between Smart Life and Alexa, fixing any conversation errors.

Resetting Alexa Echo Devices

As another step, you could strive to reset your Alexa Echo devices to their factory defaults. Unplug the strength cable from the lower back of your Echo for three minutes. This tough resets the tool. Once the three minutes are up, plug the cable back in. Your Echo will undergo its initial setup once more. Make sure to relink your Smart Life account to the Echo at some stage in the setup method.

Check for Software Updates

Finally, take a look to ensure you have got the present-day software program updates to your Smart Life devices, hub and the Alexa app. Outdated software is frequently the perpetrator behind connectivity and functionality troubles. Update to the modern variations to ensure compatibility among all of your smart home systems.

With some endurance and troubleshooting, you must be capable of getting your Smart Life gadgets to speak to Alexa once more. Resetting, unlinking and updating are regularly all that’s had to restore connectivity and get your clever home returned on target. Let me know when you have another question!

FAQs about Smart Life Not Working With Alexa

Is your Smart Life talent no longer responding or operating nicely with Alexa? Don’t fear, here are a few commonplace issues and the way to restore them.

Did you enable the Smart Life skill?

You’ll want to permit the Smart Life ability in the Alexa app to manipulate your Smart Life gadgets. Open the Alexa app, visit Skills and Games and search for “Smart Life”. Tap “Enable” to link the skill.

Are your gadgets installed well?

Make certain any Smart Life plugs, bulbs or sensors you need to manipulate are added to the Smart Life app and assigned to the right room. Alexa uses the names and groupings you’ve installed inside the Smart Life app, so double take a look at the whole lot labelled nicely.

Did you discover your gadgets?

After allowing the talent, you have to discover every one of your Smart Life gadgets inside the Alexa app so it knows what’s available to manipulate. In the Alexa app, go to Smart Home, faucet “Discover Devices” and follow the activities to hit upon all your Smart Life equipment.

Are your passwords up to date?

If you recently modified your Smart Life account password, you’ll need to hyperlink the ability again within the Alexa app using your new login credentials. Go to Skills and Games, select the Smart Life talent and tap “Disable Skill”. Then re-enable it and enter your updated password to relink the money owed.

Still now not working? Try reinstalling the skill

As a last hotel, you may need to uninstall the Smart Life ability and set it up from scratch. Disable the skill within the Alexa app, then re-allow it to go through the total setup system once more, inclusive of coming across your devices. This ought to refresh the connection and get everything working properly with Alexa another time.


  • A susceptible Wi-Fi sign can cause timeouts. Move your router closer or add an extender. Restart your router and gadgets.
  • If Alexa sees your gadgets but can’t control them, check the Smart Life app to ensure the gadgets are online. Then “Forget Device” and re-upload it in Alexa.
  • Update the Smart Life app, Alexa app, and your Smart Life device firmware for the latest fixes.
  • Unlink and relink your Smart Life account inside the Alexa app if troubles persist.
  • Reset your Alexa Echo devices by unplugging them for 3 minutes and putting them in place again. Relink your Smart Life account at some point of setup.

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