Connect Alexa to Your Wyze Security Cams – The Complete Guide

Image showing steps to prepare Wyze Cam for Alexa integration
Preparing Wyze Cam for Alexa

Learn a way to easily connect Alexa to your Wyze security cams for arms-free home monitoring. Enable Alexa to get the right of entry to view live streams, report clips, and more. Imagine results easily checking who is at the front door or tracking you outside whilst you are away, all with simple voice commands to Alexa. Connecting Wyze and Alexa is easy, only a few steps and you’ll have your house security command middle. In this manual, we will walk you through the process, so get ready to maximise the usefulness of your Wyze cams with Alexa.

Preparing Your Wyze Cam for Alexa Integration

Connecting your Wyze cams to Alexa is extraordinarily easy. First, make sure you have the trendy model of the Wyze app mounted to your cellphone. Open the app and tap the menu icon inside the pinnacle left corner. Select “Alexa Integration” and comply with the commands to hyperlink your Wyze and Amazon debts.

Enable Camera Access

Once your money owed is related, you’ll need to allow Alexa to get entry to every digital camera personally. Open the Wyze app and faucet the settings icon next to the digital camera call. Scroll down to “Linked Services” and toggle the transfer next to “Enable Alexa Access” to on. Repeat this for every other Wyze cam you want to manipulate with your voice.

Discover Your Wyze Cams inside the Alexa App

With the accounts linked and the digital camera get entry to enabled, open the Alexa app on your telephone. Tap “Smart Home” and pick “Discover Devices”. Your Wyze cams need to seem automatic. Select each digicam and tap “Enable” to add them to your Alexa smart home groups.

And that’s it, your Wyze safety cams are geared up to be controlled through Alexa voice instructions. You can view stay streams, acquire movement alerts, and turn the cams on and off – all using easy instructions like “Alexa, display me the front door cam” or “Alexa, switch on the storage cam”. Hands-free home tracking has in no way been so easy!

Linking Your Wyze Account With the Alexa App

  • To allow voice instructions on your Wyze Cams via Alexa, you’ll want to link your Wyze and Amazon accounts. It only takes a couple of minutes after which you may be all set to start viewing your cameras and controlling them with voice instructions through any Alexa device.
  • First, open the Wyze app for your smartphone and tap the Settings icon. Select “Link with Alexa” after which check in with your Amazon username and password. This connects your Wyze account to your Amazon account so Alexa can access your Wyze devices.
  • Next, open the Alexa app on your cellphone. Tap the menu icon and select “Skills and Games”. Search for the “Wyze” ability and pick out “Enable”. This links the Wyze skill along with your Alexa account so you can start using voice instructions to view and control your Wyze cameras via Alexa.
  • Finally, discover your Wyze Cams inside the Alexa app. Say “Alexa, find out my devices” and your Wyze Cams should appear within the list of observed gadgets. Select every camera and provide it with a pleasant name like “Front Door Cam” or “Baby Monitor Cam” so you can effortlessly view them with the aid of voice commands.
  • With your accounts linked and gadgets located, you are ready to start viewing your live digital camera feeds, triggering recordings and controlling other functions with the use of simple voice commands through Alexa. How’s that for clever home comfort? Your Wyze Cams simply got even more powerful.

Alexa Voice Commands for Your Wyze Cams

showing examples of Alexa voice commands for Wyze Cams
Wyze Cam Alexa Commands

Once you’ve linked your Wyze cams to Alexa, you’ll be capable of manipulating them completely fingers-loose the usage of just your voice. Here are some of the voice instructions you can use:

View stay video / Record video clip / Take a snapshot

View stay video Record video clip Take a snapshot
Simply say “Alexa, show me the stay video from my [camera name] To report a brief video clip along with your Wyze cam, say “Alexa, If you just need to seize a quick photograph
To see a live circulate from that digicam in your Echo Show or Fire TV Record a video on my [camera name] Use the command “Alexa, take an image on my [camera name]
You can call your Wyze cams something you want in the Wyze app Alexa will report a five-second video clip from that digicam and shop it to the Wyze app Alexa will capture a nonetheless photograph from your Wyze cam and shop
To make the voice commands smooth bear in mind So that you can view it later That photograph to the Wyze app to view and download
Access live video, record clips, and take snapshots with your Wyze Cam

Turn motion detection on/off

You can allow or disable movement detection on your cams with the usage of Alexa. To turn motion detection on, say “Alexa, allow movement detection on my [camera name].” To flip it off, say “Alexa, disable motion detection on my [camera name].” Your Wyze cam settings will be updated to turn motion detection on or off based totally on your voice command.

With all of those useful voice commands at your disposal, you’ll be controlling and monitoring your Wyze home security cameras like a seasoned one in no time! Let Alexa manage the guide obligations so that you can be cognizant of what without a doubt matters.

FAQs about Connect Alexa to Your Wyze Security Cams

How do I integrate the Wyze camera with Alexa?

To combine your Wyze camera with Alexa, follow the steps:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your telephone or tablet.
  2. Tap on the menu icon in the top-left corner.
  3. Select “Skills and Games” from the menu.
  4. Search for the Wyze talent and choose it.
  5. Tap on “Enable” to hyperlink your Wyze account with Alexa.
  6. Sign in to your Wyze account and authorize Alexa to get entry to your gadgets.
  7. Once linked, use voice commands like “Alexa, show me [camera name]” to view your Wyze camera feed on Alexa-enabled gadgets.

That’s it! You need to now be able to control your Wyze digicam using Alexa.

Why won’t Wyze work with Alexa?

Wyze would not paint with Alexa because the mixing between the two platforms hasn’t been advanced or enabled.

Is WYZE Cam v3 Pro like-minded with Alexa?

Yes, the WYZE Cam v3 Pro is like-minded with Alexa. You can seamlessly integrate it with your Alexa-enabled devices to manipulate and monitor your digital camera the usage of voice instructions. Simply allow the Wyze skill within the Alexa app and observe the setup instructions to link your camera to Alexa for convenient admission to and manipulation.

Can Wyze trigger Alexa?

Yes, Wyze gadgets may be installed to cause Alexa workouts. This allows you to automate moves together with turning on lighting fixtures or playing music on an Alexa-enabled tool when a Wyze sensor is induced or a Wyze digicam detects motion.


  • Connect your Wyze cams to Alexa through the Wyze app using linking your Wyze and Amazon bills.
  • Enable Alexa access for each camera individually within the Wyze app settings.
  • Discover your Wyze cams within the Alexa app and permit them.
  • You can now manipulate your Wyze cams with the usage of Alexa’s voice commands to view stay streams, document clips, take snapshots, and flip movement detection on/off.
  • A Wyze cam subscription is optional. The basic capabilities work without a subscription.
  • To join Wyze cams to Alexa, link your Wyze and Amazon accounts within the respective apps, call your cameras, and attempt voice commands.

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