Connect Your Yi Cameras to Alexa in 3 Easy Steps

Illustration depicting the benefits of connecting Yi cameras to Alexa for enhanced home security and convenience
Why Connect Yi Cameras to Alexa

Easily connect your Yi cameras to Alexa for convenient voice management. Just permit the ability, find out gadgets, and begin tracking your home hands-loose. Connecting your Yi home safety cameras to Alexa offers comfort, finger-free control, and smart notifications. With Alexa, you can view camera feeds on Echo Show or Fire TV, manage cameras with the use of voice commands, and receive custom-designed indicators.

Why Connect Your Yi Cameras to Alexa

Connecting your Yi domestic safety cameras to Alexa offers some useful benefits. For starters, you could view your camera feeds on the Echo Show or Fire TV just by asking Alexa. Simply say “Alexa, show me the front door digicam” and your Echo tool will display a live view from that digicam.


This allows you to speedy check on matters without pulling out your phone or logging into the Yi app. Ideal for seeing is at the front entryway, keeping an eye on pets or children, or observing for bundle conveyances.

Hands-free manipulate

You also can manage your Yi cameras using voice commands. Tell Alexa to pan, tilt or zoom a digital camera, activate the nighttime imaginative and prescient mode, and begin recording or take a snapshot. This hands-free management means you don’t should stop what you are doing to control your cameras.

Smart notifications

  • With the Yi and Alexa integration, you can install smart notifications in your cameras.
  • For example, have Alexa announce while movement is detected in your backyard between 10 pm and 6 am, or while a familiar face is recognized at your front door.
  • These custom-designed notifications provide an additional layer of cognizance and domestic security.
  • Connecting your advanced Yi cameras to the intuitive Alexa system provides a seamless clever home enjoy.
  • With a few simple steps, you’ll be monitoring your house and controlling your cameras completely arms-free. Now that’s smart living made smooth.

Step-by way of-Step Guide to Connecting Yi Cameras to Alexa

Illustration showing step-by-step instructions for connecting Yi cameras to Alexa for smart home integration
Connecting Yi Cameras to Alexa: Step-by-Step
So you have got your bright new Yi cameras installed and are prepared to take your house security to the next stage by connecting them to Alexa. The correct information is, that the process is quite sincere. All you will want is your Yi camera login information and an Amazon Echo tool.

Enable Yi Action within the Alexa app

Open the Alexa app on your cellphone and go to ‘Skills and Games.’ Search for ‘Yi Action’ and enable the ability. You’ll be prompted to go into your Yi camera login credentials so Alexa can get entry to your cameras.

Discover your Yi cameras

Once the skill is enabled, say “Alexa, discover my Yi cameras.” Alexa will search for any Yi cameras associated with your account and join them so you can control them using voice. This normally most effectively takes some seconds, but if it’s not locating your cameras double-check that they are powered on and connected to WiFi.

View your cameras

To view the live feed from any of your linked Yi cameras on the Echo Show, just say “Alexa, show me the [camera name] digicam.” Your Echo Show will display the live video and audio feed so you can see what’s happening. You also can say “Alexa, display the final event from my [camera name] digital camera” to view the maximum current event seize or motion alert.

With only some easy steps, your Yi cameras and Echo device can be speedy buddies and give you 24/7 perception into your own home. Now that is what we name clever security!

Tips for Using Your Connected Yi Cameras With Alexa Commands

Now that you’ve connected your Yi cameras to Alexa, it’s time to place them to apply. Here are some pointers to get the maximum from your smart security setup:

Name cameras descriptively / Create digital camera agencies / Set up motion signals

Name cameras descriptively Create digital camera agencies Set up motion signals
Give every digital camera a call that suggests its vicinity, like “Front Door Cam” or “Backyard Cam If you have more than one camera monitoring the identical place Enable movement detection in the Yi app for each digital camera
This will make voice commands lots less complicated Like numerous around the outside of your house, create a group for them So that you get an alert while there’s activity
Say “Alexa, show me the Front Door Cam Say “Alexa, show me the Outside Cams organization” to view them unexpectedly Then hyperlink your Yi account to Alexa and say “Alexa
In place of looking to take into account if that digital camera This is a smooth way to check on specific components Notify me if any movement is detected using my cameras
Inside the dwelling room is digicam 1 or 2 Of your own home quickly Alexa will announce when any of your cameras locate motion so that you understand how to test the live feed
Optimize Camera Setup: Name Descriptively, Create Groups, Enable Motion Alerts

View live feeds on the Echo Show

If you’ve got an Echo Show, you can say “Alexa, display me the live feed from my [camera name]” to view a stay stream proper at the display screen. This is best for speedy checking on what triggered a movement alert or just seeing what’s happening outdoors.

With a few easy instructions, you’ll be tracking your house security like a seasoned one in no time. Let Alexa and your Yi cameras do the watching so you can rest clean.

FAQs about Connect Your Yi Cameras to Alexa

Can I join my cameras to Alexa?

Yes, you may join your cameras to Alexa. By allowing suitable talent in the Alexa app and following the setup manner mentioned to your specific Digicam brand, you may integrate your cameras with Alexa for convenient voice manipulation and tracking.

How do I watch my Digicam on Alexa?

To watch your camera on Alexa, you may first need to connect your digicam to the Alexa app. Once linked, you may virtually say “Alexa, show me [camera name]” to view the stay feed to your Echo Show or Fire TV.

How do I see CCTV cameras on Alexa?

To see CCTV cameras on Alexa, you need to hyperlink your CCTV camera machine with Alexa through compatible capabilities or gadgets. Once related, you may without a doubt ask Alexa to show the stay feed out of your CCTV cameras on like-minded Alexa-enabled gadgets like Echo Show or Fire TV.

What app works with Yi’s digital camera?

The Yi digital camera works with the Yi Home app, which lets you screen and manage your Yi cameras out of your telephone.


  • Connecting Yi cameras to Alexa allows you to view camera feeds on Echo Show and Fire TV, and take a look at who is at the door without the usage of your cellphone.
  • You can control Yi cameras with the usage of Alexa’s voice commands like pan, tilt, zoom, activate nighttime vision mode, start recording or take snapshots hands-free.
  • You can set up clever notifications for movement detection, and face popularity to get greater focus and safety.
  • To join Yi cameras to Alexa, enable the Yi Action skill inside the Alexa app and input your Yi camera login credentials. Then say “Alexa, discover my Yi cameras”.
  • Name your cameras descriptively based on location to make voice commands less complicated.
  • Create camera corporations to view a couple of cameras monitoring the equal place without delay.
  • Enable motion detection to get alerts whilst movement is detected, then hyperlink your Yi account to Alexa to get notifications.
  • Use Echo Show to view live feeds out of your cameras whilst motion alerts are precipitated.

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