Connecting Your August Smart Lock to Alexa – How to Guide

A person's hand holding a smartphone with the August app open, alongside an Amazon Echo device, indicating the connection process between an August Smart Lock and Alexa
August Smart Lock linked to Alexa for seamless control

Learn the way to connect your August smart lock to Alexa for voice control. An easy step with the aid of a step manual to get your gadgets running together your August Smart Lock to Alexa for fingers unfastened convenience, better security, and a clean right of entry to control. Follow our step-by-step guide and troubleshoot any connectivity issues.

Why Connect Your August Smart Lock to Alexa?

Connecting your August Smart Lock to Alexa gives a few high-quality blessings. For starters, you could lock and free up your door arms unfastened using your voice.


No greater fumbling for keys when your arms are full – simply say “Alexa, unencumber the front door” and you are in.

Security / Access Control

Security Access Control
You also can decorate your home’s safety by putting Granting get right of entry is a breeze too
In voice commands to fasten your door You can supply pals and circle of relatives contributors their get entry to codes to use with their August app
Tell Alexa “goodnight” and feature all your August Smart Locks lock robotically Set up Alexa voice profiles so we can lock and release using their voice
Enhanced security and access control

Linking your August Smart Lock to Alexa is extraordinarily beneficial. Not handiest does it make your lifestyle greater convenient, but, it also offers an additional layer of protection for your own home. Why wouldn’t you want to attach those two clever domestic technologies? Do yourself a favour and permit the August Smart Lockability in your Alexa app today. You’ll be questioning how you lived without it!

Step-by-Step Guide to Connecting August Smart Lock to Alexa

Smartphone displaying step-by-step instructions for connecting August Smart Lock to Alexa
Simple steps: Connect August Smart Lock to Alexa

To connect your August Smart Lock to Alexa, here’s what you need to do:

  • First, ensure your August Smart Lock is installed and the August app is set up on your smartphone. You’ll also want your Alexa-enabled tool, like an Echo speaker, reachable.
  • Next, open the Alexa app on your cellphone and pick out the menu button within the pinnacle left corner. Tap “Skills and Games” and look for the August Smart Lock skill. Enable the talent to hyperlink your August account with Alexa.
  • Now it is time to discover your August Smart Lock inside the Alexa app. Go to the Smart Home segment and pick “Add Device.” Choose “August Smart Lock” from the list. Alexa will activate you to check in for your August account to hyperlink the two offerings.
  • At last, you should allow Alexa voice control on your August Savvy Lock. In the Alexa application, find your August Shrewd Lock in the Brilliant Home gadgets posting. Turn on the switch close to “Empower Voice Control” to allow Alexa to secure and free your entryway on order.
  • With your August Brilliant Lock connected to Alexa, you can now request that Alexa affix the entryway, open the entryway or test assuming the entryway is locked – all with straightforward voice orders. How’s that for cunning homegrown solace? Your August Shrewd Lock and Alexa are associated and prepared to make your life a touch less troublesome.

Investigating Issues Interfacing August Lock to Alexa

Person troubleshooting connection between August Lock and Alexa device
Troubleshooting August Lock with Alexa
  1. On the off chance that you’re having issues interfacing with your August Savvy Lock with Alexa, you can relax; you could endeavour a couple of issues to clear up the problem.
  2. First, double take a look at that your August Connect Wi-Fi bridge is properly installed and functioning. The bridge links your lock to your Wi-Fi network, which lets Alexa manipulate the lock. Ensure the bridge’s LED light is stable blue, indicating it is connected to your community. If not, you may need to restart your router or re-pair the bridge on your network.
  3. Next, verify your August lock and Alexa are using the same Wi-Fi network. If your router has separate 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks with equal names, the gadgets can be related to specific networks. Try disabling one of the networks to force all devices onto the same one.
  4. You need to additionally re-link your August account inside the Alexa app. Open the Alexa app, visit Smart Home > Add Device > Have Something Already Set Up? Select “August Smart Locks” and relink your account. This will re-sync Alexa with your lock and bridge to solve any communique troubles.
  5. Finally, if troubles persist, you could want to reset your lock to factory settings and set it up again. As a closing hotel, touch August assist for added help troubleshooting and resolving connectivity problems among your lock and Alexa. With a little endurance and tinkering, you will have your clever lock responding to Alexa voice instructions right away.


Will Alexa work with my August Smart Lock if I have an older technology?

Alexa is well suited with August Smart Lock generations 2, 3 and 4. If you’ve got advanced technology, unfortunately, it does not connect immediately. However, you could still control and monitor your lock via the August app. Upgrading to a more modern generation August Smart Lock will permit you to take advantage of voice control and automation with Alexa.

Do I need an August Connect to apply Alexa with my clever lock?

No, you no longer need an August Connect bridge to use Alexa together with your August Smart Lock. The lock connects without delay in your Wi-Fi network, so you can manipulate it along with your voice via any Alexa device like an Echo speaker or Echo Show. The August Connect is most effectively needed in case you want to attach other Z-Wave devices that aren’t Wi-Fi enabled.

Can I lock and unlock my door using Alexa voice commands?

Indeed, after you’ve related your August Savvy Lock to the Alexa application, you can lock and unencumber your entryway with the utilization of basic voice orders. Simply say “Alexa, lock my front entryway” or “Alexa, open my front entryway.” Alexa will attest to the order and lock or deliver your astute lock. You likewise can test on the off chance that your entryway is locked by saying “Alexa, is my front entryway locked?”.

Can I create Alexa Routines to automate my August Smart Lock?

Absolutely! One of the first-class features of connecting your August Smart Lock to Alexa is the ability to automate your lock with the use of Routines. You can create Routines to lock your door at night, unencumber it in the morning when you awaken, or lock it when you go away from the house. The options are countless. Routines come up with peace of mind that your door is secure while you need it to be.


  • Connecting your August Smart Lock to Alexa offers comfort, protection and access management. You can lock and unencumber your door palms-free using voice instructions.
  • You want an August Smart Lock technology 2, three or four and an Alexa-enabled tool like an Echo speaker.
  • Open the Alexa app and enable the August Smart Lock talent to link your August account.
  • Discover your August Smart Lock in the Alexa app and permit voice management.
  • You can now lock, liberate and check the popularity of your door with the use of Alexa voice instructions.
  • If dealing with problems, take a look at that the August Connect bridge is hooked up well and that your lock and Alexa are in the same Wi-Fi community. Reset your lock and relink your August account inside the Alexa app if wished.
  • You do now not want an August Connect bridge to apply Alexa, it is most effective if connecting different Z-Wave gadgets.
  • You can create Alexa Routines to automate your August Smart Lock to bring comfort and protection.

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