Yi Camera Not Working With Alexa? How to Fix

Addressing common problems when linking Yi cameras with Alexa
Yi Camera & Alexa: Connection Fixes

Can’t connect your Yi Camera Not Working With Alexa? Try resetting gadgets, updating firmware, permitting skills, and different troubleshooting tips to restore problems with account linking, WiFi, and more. Have a hassle getting your Yi digital camera to work with Alexa? This manual covers common problems and troubleshooting steps that will help you connect them seamlessly.

From linking accounts and resolving WiFi connection issues to enabling camera abilities, you’ll discover step-by-step commands and hints to make sure your Yi camera cooperates with Alexa. Additionally, Yi Camera Not Working With Alexa it provides steering on resetting each of your Yi digital cameras and Alexa tool if connection issues persist, along with advanced troubleshooting steps and contacting Yi camera aid for similar assistance.

Common Issues With Connecting Yi Cameras to Alexa

Difficulty Linking Accounts

The first step to using your Yi camera with Alexa is linking the accounts, but this doesn’t always go smoothly. Double-check that you’re using the correct Yi and Amazon logins and that both accounts are active. It may take a few tries, so remain patient and try again. If issues continue, you may need to reset one or both account passwords before linking.

WiFi Connection Problems

For Alexa to get the right of entry to your Yi camera, both devices want a sturdy WiFi connection to an identical network. If you’re having trouble, try rebooting your router and camera to refresh the relationship. It additionally allows you to area the digital camera in the direction of your router. If your community has a vulnerable sign Yi Camera Not Working With Alexa in a few regions of your home, you can need to put money into a WiFi variety extender to strengthen coverage.

Enabling Camera Skills

After linking accounts, you need to enable the correct camera skills in the Alexa app. Search for “Yi camera” and select the option to enable the skill. Then, in the app, go to Smart Home > Add Device to search for your camera by brand and model or serial number. Select your camera, and Alexa will attempt to pair it—if this doesn’t work Yi Camera Not Working With Alexa the first time, simply repeat the search and selection process until it pairs successfully.

With some patience and troubleshooting, you’ll get your Yi camera connected and cooperating with Alexa in no time. Then you can start using convenient voice commands to monitor security, check in on kids or pets, and more. The extra effort will be worth enjoying hands-free control and peace of mind.

How to Link Your Yi Camera to the Alexa App

Alright, to get your Yi camera working with Alexa, here are the steps you need to follow:

Make Sure Your Yi Camera is On and Connected

The first problem you’ll need to test is that your Yi digital camera is powered on and linked to your Wi-Fi network. Your virtual digicam needs to be online for Alexa to find out and link with it.

Download the Yi Home App

Next, download the Yi Home app for your telephone. This app lets you control your Yi digicam and is required to link it with Alexa. Once established, sign in with the account you used to set up your Yi digital camera.

Enable the Yi Skill in the Alexa App

Open the Alexa app for your smartphone and visit the Skills and Games segment. Here, search for the “Yi Home Camera” skill and pick out “Enable”. This will hyperlink the Yi Home app with Yi Camera Not Working With Alexa Alexa so the 2 can talk.

Discover Your Camera in the Alexa App

In the Alexa app, go to the Smart Home section. Under “Discover and Add Devices”, pick out “Discover Devices”. Alexa will search for any smart home devices in your community, which includes your Yi camera. Once observed, select to add your Yi camera to Alexa.

Name Your Camera and Assign It to a Room

Give your Yi camera a name like “Front Door Cam” so you understand which Digicam Alexa is relating to. You’ll additionally want to assign it to a room like “Front Yard” to assist with place-based total routines and instructions.

You’re All Set!

Congrats, your Yi camera is now linked to Alexa! You can now view live footage from your camera on Echo Show devices, create Alexa routines based on camera triggers Yi Camera Not Working With Alexa, and control your Yi camera using just your voice. How’s that for smart home convenience?

Troubleshooting Tips if Your Yi Camera Won’t Connect to Alexa

Check If Your Yi Camera Supports Alexa

Not all Yi cameras are compatible with Alexa. Double-check that your specific camera model supports Alexa voice control before troubleshooting. The Yi 1080p Home, Yi Dome Camera, and Yi Outdoor Camera are compatible, but older models may not be.

Confirm Your Yi Camera is Connected to Wi-Fi

Your Yi digicam gained associated with Alexa if it’s presently not connected to your Wi-Fi people group. Open the Yi Home application for your telephone to test on the off chance that your advanced camera demonstrates as “On the web”. If now not, endeavour to power trek your advanced Yi Camera Not Working With Alexa camera and switch to reset the association. You may furthermore need to reconnect your Yi camera to Wi-Fi inside the application.

Ensure Your Alexa Application is Forward-thinking

On the off chance that your Yi camera helps Alexa anyway gained’t join, the trouble can be with the Alexa application. Open the Alexa application on your cell phone and pick “Abilities and Games” from the menu. Look for the “Yi Home Camera” ability and check if it shows as “Empowered” Yi Camera Not Working With Alexa. On the off chance that now not, tap to permit it. You may moreover have to refresh the Alexa application itself on your cell phone’s application store.

Re-Link Your Yi Camera in the Alexa App

Even if the Yi skill is enabled, you’ll still need to link your specific Yi camera in the Alexa app. Open the Alexa app, select “Add Device” and choose “Yi Home Camera” from the list. Follow the prompts to link your camera to Alexa using the username and password for your Yi Home account. Your camera should now appear in the “Devices” tab of the Alexa app and respond to voice commands.

Still Not Working? Reset and Retry

If you’ve attempted all of the steps above and your Yi camera nevertheless gained’t hook up with Alexa, it may help to reset your digital camera and router and start the setup process over. Resetting the Digicam will clear its Wi-Fi settings, so you’ll want to reconnect it to your network. Then re-allow the Yi Home Camera ability in Alexa and re-hyperlink your digicam. With any good fortune, it’s going to paint on the second one strive! If now not, you may want to contact Yi’s customer support for further help.

Resetting Your Yi Camera and Alexa Device to Fix Connection Issues

Have you been trying to join your Yi domestic protection digital camera to Alexa and not using luck? Don’t worry, it takes place and is typically a smooth fix. The first thing you’ll need to attempt is resetting your Yi Digicam and Echo tool. This will clear any stored Yi Camera Not Working With Alexa Wi-Fi or account info and assist you in setting them up once more from scratch.

Reset Your Yi Camera / Reset Your Echo Device

Reset Your Yi Camera Reset Your Echo Device
To reset your Yi camera, find the small reset button on the lower back or bottom of the digital camera Resetting your Echo Dot, Echo Show or different Alexa device is simply as easy
Press and hold this button down for 3 to 5 seconds Find the reset button for your device, which is commonly a small hollow at the back or backside
Till you spot the reputation light flashing, Release the button Insert a paper clip or pin and press and hold for 5 to 10 seconds till the light ring turns orange
The camera will now restart with the production facility’s default settings The camera will now restart with the production facility default settings
Reset Your Yi Camera / Reset Your Echo Device: Quick fixes for connection issues with Alexa

Re-add the Devices

Now that your devices are reset, you may want to feature them once more in the Yi Home app and Alexa app. In the Yi Home app, tap the plus icon to add a brand new camera and comply with the prompts to attach your Digicam to Wi-Fi and link to your account.

In the Alexa app, go to Smart Home > Add Device. Select Yi Camera from the list of manufacturers and your Digicam should seem like a choice Yi Camera Not Working With Alexa if it’s in the identical Wi-Fi community as your Echo. Tap to choose it and your camera and Alexa will connect.

This reset and re-adding procedure often fixes issues with your Yi camera now not responding or no longer connecting well in the Alexa app. If problems persist after attempting those steps, it can indicate a difficulty together with your Wi-Fi network connectivity or account login. But in most instances, a short reset has to have your Yi digicam running with Alexa once more in no time.

Still Can’t Get Your Yi Camera to Work With Alexa? Here’s What to Do

If after trying the primary troubleshooting steps, your Yi digital camera continues to be not connecting to Alexa, don’t fret. There are some other matters you can try to get your devices to speak to each other.

Reset Your Camera to Factory Settings

Resetting your Yi digital camera will erase all of your settings and preferences to start from scratch. This can frequently repair software program system faults stopping the digicam from connecting nicely. To reset, press and maintain the reset button on the returned camera for 10-15 seconds until you pay attention to a beep. The digital camera will undergo an initialization Yi Camera Not Working With Alexa method and reboot. You’ll then want to re-upload the digicam on your Yi account and Alexa.

Update Your Yi Camera’s Firmware

Outdated firmware is a not unusual purpose for connectivity problems. Make sure you have got today’s Yi Digicam firmware set up. You can check for updates inside the Yi Home app and install them directly on your camera. After updating, strive to re-link your digicam with Alexa. The replacement can also comprise security patches or software fixes allowing Alexa to locate and control your digital camera.

Re-Enable Alexa Skills

The Yi Alexa skills on your Amazon account may have become disabled for some reason, preventing the connection. In the Alexa app, go to Skills & Games and search for “Yi.” Select the Yi Home Camera skill and make sure it shows as “enabled.” If not, select “enable skill.” This will reactivate the ability for Alexa to discover and control Yi cameras. You may need to go through the discovery and linking process again.

Contact Yi Camera Support

If the above steps don’t do the trick, it’s best to contact Yi Camera Support for further help. They may need to troubleshoot your specific setup, camera model, network environment or account details to determine why Alexa isn’t working with your camera. They can also check if there are any current firmware or service issues on their end preventing connectivity with Alexa devices. With support from the experts, you’ll be using voice commands to monitor your home in no time!

FAQs about Yi Camera Not Working With Alexa

How do I connect my Yi camera to Alexa?

To join your Yi camera to Alexa, you can comply with these steps:

Enable the Yi Home Skill: Open the Alexa app on your telephone or pill. Go to the Skills and Games phase and look for “Yi Home.” Enable the talent and observe the prompts to link your Yi account with Alexa.

Discover Devices: Once the Yi Home Skill is enabled, ask Alexa to find out your gadgets by pronouncing, “Alexa, discover my devices.” Alexa will experiment with well-matched gadgets for your community, consisting of your Yi digicam.

Connect Yi Camera: After Alexa discovers your Yi digital camera, you can start the use of voice instructions to control it. You might want to follow extra commands supplied in the Alexa app to complete the setup technique.

Control with Voice Commands: Once linked, you may use voice instructions like “Alexa, show the [camera name]” to flow the digicam’s feed on devices with screens like Echo Show or Fire TV.

By following these steps, you need to be capable of connecting your Yi digicam to Alexa and experience handy managing and tracking the usage of voice instructions.

Why is my Digicam not operating on Alexa?

If your camera is not working on Alexa, there might be some motives why:

Compatibility: Ensure that your camera is well-suited to Alexa. Not all cameras are supported, so double-test the compatibility list.

Setup: Make certain your digital camera is nicely set up and linked to your Alexa device. Follow the manufacturer’s commands for connecting it to your Alexa account.

Network Issues: Check your Wi-Fi network connection. Weak or volatile Wi-Fi alerts Yi Camera Not Working With Alexa can cause problems with digital camera connectivity.

Camera Permissions: Ensure that you’ve granted the necessary permissions for the camera to paint with Alexa. You might want to allow certain settings inside the Alexa app or the Digicam app.

Software Updates: Ensure both your Alexa device and Digicam have the state-of-the-art software program updates set up. Sometimes, updating the firmware can remedy compatibility troubles.

Power Supply: Ensure that your virtual digicam is receiving power and functioning correctly. If it is battery-powered, make certain the batteries are charged or modified if necessary.

Check Alexa App: Open the Alexa app on your cellular telephone or pill and be aware if there are any mistake messages or notifications associated with your digicam. This might probably offer clues approximately what is inflicting the issue.

If you’ve got checked all of those and your camera even though isn’t always operating Yi Camera Not Working With Alexa, you could want to contact customer support for additional assistance.

How do I connect my digital camera to Alexa?

To connect your camera to Alexa, observe these steps:

  • Open the Alexa application on your cellphone or tablet.
  • Tap on the menu symbol inside the upper left alcove.
  • Select “Abilities and Games” from the menu.
  • Look for the ability related to your Digicam’s logo or variant.
  • Enable the skill and observe the on-display instructions to link your Digicam account with Alexa.
  • Once linked, you may use voice commands to get entry to your digicam through Alexa-enabled devices.

Why is my Yi digital camera no longer connecting to WiFi?

Your Yi camera might not be connecting to WiFi due to diverse motives inclusive of community troubles, incorrect WiFi credentials, or compatibility issues.


  • Check-in case your Yi digital camera version helps Alexa connectivity. Not all fashions work with Alexa.
  • Make sure your Yi camera is powered on and linked to your WiFi community for Alexa to detect it.
  • Download the Yi Home app and sign in with your Yi digital camera account.
  • Enable the “Yi Home Camera” ability within the Alexa app to link the two apps.
  • In the Alexa app, find out and add your Yi digital camera to Alexa under “Smart Home”.
  • Give your Yi digital camera a call and assign it to a room.
  • If problems persist, reset each of your Yi digital cameras and Alexa devices.
  • Reconnect the digital camera to WiFi and re-add it to the Alexa app.
  • Update your Yi camera’s firmware to the contemporary model for potential fixes.
  • Re-enable the “Yi Home Camera” ability in the Alexa app and attempt relinking your camera.
  • If those troubleshooting steps don’t paintings, touch Yi Digicam’s assistant for assistance.

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