How to Connect Eufy Camera to Alexa in 3 Easy Steps

Benefits of connecting your Eufy camera to Alexa for enhanced convenience and security
Elevate your security: Eufy Camera meets Alexa

Learn how to connect Eufy Camera to Alexa in just 3 easy steps. We’ll stroll you through pairing these devices so you can view stay feeds and get alerts through the Echo. Connecting your Eufy safety digital camera to Alexa opens up a global of convenience and peace of mind. By integrating the two structures, you could effects view live feeds, acquire motion alerts, or even automate duties for delivered security. This advent outlines the blessings and steps to seamlessly connect your gadgets, offering 24/7 monitoring and customization alternatives. Whether you’re at domestic or away, Alexa and your Eufy digicam working together ensures your area is monitored and steady.

Why Connect Your Eufy Camera to Alexa?

Connecting your Eufy safety digicam to Alexa comes with some accessible benefits. For starters, you could view your digital camera’s live feed on any Echo Show tool or Fire TV simply by asking Alexa. No greater fumbling together with your smartphone or manually loading the app.

Convenience at your command

Not home but need to test in on things? Simply ask Alexa to expose connect Eufy Camera to Alexa you to the live view out of your Eufy cam. She’ll show the feed to your Echo Show or Fire TV so you can see what is happening in real-time.

Peace of mind from everywhere

Want to be alerted if there’s any hobby? Link your Eufy cam to Alexa and he or she’ll notify you as soon as movement is detected. You can specify which cameras and times you need to receive indicators.

24/7 monitoring you can customize

The options don’t forestall there. You also can create Alexa Routines to trigger your Eufy digital camera primarily based on your timetable or area. For example, connect Eufy Camera to Alexa have Alexa start recording or turn on the floodlight when you go away for work and forestall whilst you get home.

Automation for added protection

Connecting those smart structures takes only a few minutes but provides so much added functionality. Whether at home or on the move, Alexa and your Eufy safety cameras working collectively assist in making sure your area is monitored, your belongings are included, and also you feel at ease understanding all is because it needs to be.

What You’ll Need to Connect Eufy Camera to Alexa

Essential requirements for connecting Eufy Camera to Alexa seamlessly
Eufy Camera + Alexa: Essentials for connection

To connect your Eufy protection digicam to Alexa, you will need a few necessities. Initial, a Eufy camera that upholds the Alexa combination, very much like the EufyCam 2 or Indoor Cam Container and Slant. Then, you’ll need to ensure you have an appropriate Reverberation gadget, comprehensive of connect Eufy Camera to Alexa a Reverberation Show, Reverberation Spot or Reverberation Speck. At long last, you’ll require the Eufy Security application and the Alexa application set up for your phone.

Set up your Eufy digicam

Start using putting in your Eufy digital camera consistent with the instructions inside the product manual. Once it is powered on and linked to WiFi, open the Eufy Security app for your telephone and faucet “Add Device”. Follow the on-screen activities to feature your digital camera in the app. Give the digital camera a call like “Front Door Cam” or “Garage Cam” so that you can effortlessly pick out it in the Alexa app.

Enable the Eufy talent within the Alexa app

In the Alexa app, tap the menu icon and choose “Skills and Games”. Search for “Eufy Security” and pick the skill to open it. Tap “Enable” to link the skill. You might also have to check in with the identical Eufy account used within the Eufy Security app. Allow the ability to get the right of entry to your Eufy gadgets.

Discover your Eufy camera in the Alexa app

Once the talent is enabled, say “Alexa, find out my gadgets” or faucet “Devices” within the Alexa app menu. Your Eufy camera must seem in the listing of found gadgets. Select your camera and tap “Enable” to finish the setup.

Now you can view your Eufy digital camera’s live feed on well-suited Echo Show gadgets by way of announcing “Alexa, display me the [camera name]” or manipulating your camera with the usage of connect Eufy Camera to Alexa voice commands like “Alexa, pan left on [camera name]”. How easy is that? With some simple steps, you’ll be monitoring your private home safety with the electricity of Alexa.

Step-with the aid of-Step Guide to Connect Eufy Camera to Alexa

 Detailed step-by-step guide for connecting Eufy Camera to Alexa
Eufy Camera to Alexa: Step-by-step

To join your Eufy safety camera to Alexa and manipulate it with voice instructions, observe those easy steps:

Enable the Eufy Security Skill / Discover Your Eufy Cameras

Enable the Eufy Security Skill Discover Your Eufy Cameras
The first issue you may need to do is enable the Eufy Security Alexa talent Once the talent is enabled, you will need to find out your Eufy cameras so Alexa acknowledges them
Open the Alexa app on your cellphone and go to Skills and Games In the Alexa app, go to Smart Home and choose “Discover Devices”, Tap “Eufy Security” below the list of gadgets
Search for “Eufy Security” and pick the skill to open it. Tap “Enable to Use” This will look for any Eufy cameras connected to your Wi-Fi community. Select the cameras you want to add to Alexa
You’ll be caused to sign in with your Eufy Security account info Give every digicam a name like “Front Door Cam” or “Backyard Cam”
Enter your username and password to hyperlink the bills So that you can without difficulty discover them in Alexa commands
Unlock your smart home security: Enable Eufy Security Skill and discover your Eufy cameras effortlessly

Start Using Voice Commands

Now you are all set up to govern your Eufy protection cameras with Alexa! Here are some of the voice instructions you can use:

  • “Alexa, show me the Front Door Cam” – View your digital camera’s live flow on an Echo Show or Fire TV device.
  • “Alexa, switch on the Backyard Cam” – Begin viewing and recording out of your digicam.
  • “Alexa, turn off the Garage Cam” – Stop viewing and recording out of your digital camera.
  • “Alexa, is the Office Cam online?” – Check if your camera is currently streaming and recording.
  • “Alexa, play the remaining recording from the Kitchen Cam” – View your camera’s maximum current video clip.

Connecting your Eufy protection cameras to Alexa is an easy manner to advantage of more control and capability over your smart home devices with connect Eufy Camera to Alexa the use of easy voice instructions. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Tips for Using Your Eufy Camera With Alexa

Handy tips for optimizing your Eufy camera's integration with Alexa
Eufy Camera + Alexa: Tips for synergy

Whenever you’ve connected your Eufy safety camera to Alexa, you’ll be equipped to view live streams, get warnings, and deal with your advanced camera with the utilization of basic voice directions. The following are a couple of suggestions to maximize your shrewd camera coordination.

Name your cameras

Give each of your Eufy cameras a unique call like “Front Door Cam” or “Backyard Cam” so Alexa is aware of which one you want to access. In the Eufy Security app, tap the tools icon next to your camera and pick “Device Name.” This name will seem connect Eufy Camera to Alexa inside the Alexa app and on any Echo Show gadgets.

Create digital camera companies

If you have more than one Eufy camera set up around your home, consider grouping them inside the Alexa app. For example, create a collection known as “Outdoor Cams” along with your back and front door cameras. Then you could say, “Alexa, show me the Outdoor Cams” to view stay streams from each camera right now on a compatible Echo device with a display screen.

Set up notifications

Enable notifications in the Eufy Security app on your cameras so that you’ll get an alert on your telephone while movement is detected. You can also set up announcements for your Echo gadgets when one of your cameras detects motion. Go to the Notifications section inside the Alexa app, select your digital camera, and switch on Motion Announcements. Alexa will then announce whilst your digital camera spots motion.

View stay streams

The best part approximately connecting your Eufy cameras to Alexa is being capable of viewing live video feeds with simply your voice. Simply say “Alexa, show me the [camera name]” and the live circulate will appear on the screen of a well-matched Echo Show, Fire TV, or Fire Pill. Swipe left or right to view other connected cameras.

Linking your Eufy security cameras to Alexa presents an introduced layer of monitoring and management to your smart home security setup. With a few short tweaks for your connect Eufy Camera to Alexa settings and Alexa capabilities, you’ll be able the use voice commands to check in for your cameras, get notifications, and make sure your private home is safe.

FAQs about Connect Eufy Camera to Alexa

What is Alexa and how does it paint with my Eufy digicam?

Alexa is Amazon’s virtual assistant. When you associate your Eufy security camera with Alexa, you might have the option to see your Digicam’s visit feed on appropriate Reverberation Show gadgets and Fire televisions by utilizing doubtlessly the utilization of your voice. You additionally can get right of section to extra highlights connect Eufy Camera to Alexa like two-way sound to talk using your digicam, get movement pointers, and then some.

Do I need any additional equipment?

To join your Eufy digital camera to Alexa, you may need:

  • An Echo Show, Echo Spot, or Fire TV tool. The Echo Show 5, 8 or 10 and Fire TV Stick 4K or Cube are appropriate alternatives.
  • The Eufy Security app is installed on your cellphone. This is required to link your Eufy account to Alexa.
  • Your Eufy camera is linked to Wi-Fi and registered inside the Eufy Security app.

How do I set it up?

Here are the fundamental steps to attach your Eufy cam to Alexa:

  • Make sure your Echo device and Eufy camera are on the equal Wi-Fi community.
  • Open the Eufy Security app and select “Add Device”. Tap the option to add a current device.
  • Select your digicam from the list of available devices. Tap “Link to Alexa”.
  • Sign in on your Amazon account and Eufy account to hyperlink them.
  • Allow Eufy to get entry to your Alexa gadgets and digital camera feeds.

Your Eufy digital camera and Echo Show need to now be linked! You may additionally need to refresh your Echo Show for the camera feed to appear.

What voice commands can I use?

Once set up, you could say voice commands like:

  • “Alexa, display me the [camera name] digital camera” – View your digital camera’s Stay feed
  • “Alexa, talk through [camera name] digital camera” – Access -way audio to speak through your camera
  • “Alexa, solution [camera name] digital camera” – Answer an incoming name out of your digital camera

You’ll be viewing your protection camera through Alexa very quickly! Let me know if you have any other questions.


  • Connecting your Eufy digicam to Alexa gives you the convenience of viewing live feeds on Echo Show and Fire TV with simple voice commands. You get peace of thoughts from anywhere.
  • You can set up signals whilst motion is detected and customize monitoring times.
  • You want a Eufy digicam that helps Alexa, an Echo device, the Eufy Security app and Alexa app.
  • Enable the Eufy Security ability in the Alexa app, then find out your Eufy digital camera.
  • Name your cameras certainly so Alexa is aware of which one to access.
  • Create digital camera agencies when you have a couple of cameras to view a couple of feeds without delay.
  • Set up notifications within the Eufy app so you get an alert while motion is detected.
  • You can view live camera feeds and get admission to capabilities like two-manner audio with voice instructions for Alexa.

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