Does Wyze vacuum work with Alexa

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Wyze Vacuum meets Alexa: Overview

Learn the way to easily connect your Wyze vacuum work with Alexa for handy palms-unfastened voice manipulation in only some easy steps. Unlock the power of fingers-loose cleaning with the Wyze Vacuum and Alexa integration. Connect effortlessly, control effortlessly, and customize your cleaning enjoy using easy voice commands. Learn how to install, troubleshoot, and maximize the potential of this dynamic duo for a wiser, purifier domestic.

Overview of Wyze vacuum work with Alexa

Wyze vacuum is an effective yet cheap robotic vacuum that can be linked to your Amazon Alexa for handy voice manipulation.

Set up and Connecting to WiFi

To get commenced, download the Wyze app to your phone, create an account and connect your Wyze vacuum to your WiFi community. Once related, you may be brought about to link your Wyze account with Alexa to allow the 2 gadgets to communicate.

Controlling with Your Voice / Scheduling and Routines

Controlling with Your Voice Scheduling and Routines
The exceptional component approximately connecting your Wyze vacuum Another beneficial feature is the capacity to agenda your Wyze vacuum’s cleaning instances via the Alexa app
To Alexa is being able to manage it completely fingers-unfastened the usage of just your voice You can set a timetable for the times and times you want the vacuum to run
You can inform Alexa to begin, Wyze vacuum work with Alexa forestall or pause the vacuum Alexa additionally allows you to create customized routines that will robotically start your Wyze vacuum
Increase or decrease the suction strength or ship it to clean a specific room For instance, you can create a “Goodnight” habit to flip off the lighting
Controlling the Wyze vacuum with Alexa allows for an automatic and tailor-made cleaning experience Lock the doors and begin the Wyze vacuum
Voice-controlled cleaning meets automated routines. Effortless control, tailored cleaning

Monitoring Status

If you allow the Wyze skill inside the Alexa app, you may be capable of asking Alexa for the reputation of your Wyze vacuum such as if it’s going for walks, charging or idle. You can also ask how an awful lot of battery existence is so you understand if it wishes to charge earlier than going for walks again. Being able to test your Wyze vacuum’s popularity using just your voice is extraordinarily convenient.

Connecting your Wyze vacuum to Alexa provides an array of useful voice manipulation and automation features that make keeping your flooring easy and completely handy. With the Wyze ability enabled, you may revel in the ease of controlling and monitoring your Wyze vacuum with easy voice instructions.

Setting Up Your Wyze Vacuum With Alexa

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Wyze Vacuum + Alexa Setup Guide

To control your Wyze Vacuum with Alexa voice commands, you may first need to link your Wyze and Amazon bills.

Connecting Your Accounts

Sign into the Wyze application for your telephone and tap the menu symbol, then, at that point, select “Connection Record”. Pick “Amazon Alexa” and sign in utilizing your Amazon certifications to Wyze vacuum work with Alexa. This will connect your Wyze and Alexa obligations so your vacuum might be found and constrained by utilizing Alexa.

Discovering Your Device

Once your accounts are related, say “Alexa, find out my gadgets” to discover your Wyze Vacuum. Alexa will search for any new smart home gadgets related to your account and detect your vacuum.

Naming and Placing Your Vacuum inside the Wyze App

depicting the process of naming and placing your vacuum inside the Wyze app. Text reads 'Naming and Placing Your Vacuum inside the Wyze App
Wyze App: Vacuum Setup

In the Wyze app, tap the menu icon again and select “Device Name”. Give your vacuum a call like “Living Room Vacuum” or “Downstairs Vacuum” to make it clean to control with Alexa. Then, assign your vacuum to a room or floor in your own home. This enables Alexa to understand Wyze vacuum work with Alexa which vacuum you suggest to govern whilst the usage of voice commands.

Controlling Your Vacuum

Now you’re prepared to control your Wyze Vacuum with simple voice commands through Alexa. Try announcing something like:

  • “Alexa, start the Living Room Vacuum”
  • “Alexa, pause the Downstairs Vacuum”
  • “Alexa, send the Upstairs Vacuum home”
  • “Alexa set the Dining Room Vacuum to quiet mode”

Alexa will communicate together with your related Wyze Vacuum and execute the requested moves. You can start, prevent, pause or resume cleansing, change cleaning modes, and send your vacuum returned to its docking station – all using the electricity of your voice! Enjoy the convenience of palms-unfastened manipulation over your Wyze Vacuum.

Voice Controls for Your Wyze Vacuum Using Alexa

Your Wyze vacuum might be overseen by utilizing voice guidelines and the utilization of Alexa, Amazon’s computerized partner. Whenever you’ve related your Wyze vacuum work with Alexa to the Wyze application and your Wyze account, you can permit the Wyze Expertise in the Alexa application to control your vacuum with your voice.

To get everything rolling, open the Alexa application on your cell phone and go to Abilities and Games. Look for “Wyze” to find the Wyze Brilliant Home Ability. Empower the capacity and sign in along with your Wyze account certifications to hyperlink your Wyze vacuum.

Now you’re prepared to control your Wyze vacuum with the use of Alexa voice instructions. Here are some of the matters you can say:

  • “Alexa, switch on Wyze vacuum.” This will turn on your vacuum and begin cleansing.
  • “Alexa, pause Wyze vacuum.” This will cause your vacuum’s cleaning cycle. Say “Alexa, resume Wyze vacuum” to restart cleaning.
  • “Alexa, go back to Wyze vacuum to dock.” This instructions your Wyze vacuum to stop cleaning and return to its charging dock.
  • “Alexa, set Wyze vacuum to Quiet mode.” This will put your Wyze vacuum into Quiet mode for less noise. You can also say “Alexa, set Wyze vacuum to Normal mode” to move lower back to normal suction power.
  • “Alexa, begin Wyze vacuum spot easy.” This will start your Wyze vacuum’s spot clean mode to consciousness on a specific region. Say “Alexa, forestall Wyze vacuum work with Alexa” to quit spot cleaning.
  • “Alexa, ask Wyze vacuum to smooth the dwelling room.” If you have installation room mapping in the Wyze app, you could tell your Wyze vacuum to smooth particular rooms by calling the usage of Alexa.

Using Alexa to manipulate your Wyze vacuum with voice commands allows for palms-loose operation and convenience. No extra bending over to press buttons – simply communicate to get your Wyze vacuum cleansing, pausing or docking effectively! Let Alexa deal with the controls so you can kick back and enjoy your automatic cleansing.

Troubleshooting Wyze Vacuum Connection Issues With Alexa

Once you have set up your Wyze vacuum to connect to Alexa, you may run into a few issues getting the 2 gadgets to communicate. Don’t fear, there are some things you could attempt to troubleshoot the connection and get your Wyze vacuum responding to Alexa’s instructions once more.

Make certain the Wyze vacuum is powered on

This may additionally appear obvious, but a double test that your Wyze vacuum is grown to become on and the battery is charged. Alexa can simplest connect to and manage devices that Wyze vacuum works with Alexa are powered on. If your Wyze vacuum is off or has a dead battery, Alexa won’t be capable of finding out or commanding it.

Check that the Wyze vacuum is attached to the Wi-Fi

For Alexa to talk along with your Wyze vacuum, it needs to be connected to the same Wi-Fi community as your Alexa device. Go into your Wyze vacuum app and ensure it shows that your vacuum is hooked up to your Wi-Fi community. If it is disconnected, attempt electricity biking your vacuum to reset the Wi-Fi connection. You may reset your vacuum to manufacturing facility settings to get it reconnected.

Remove and re-add Wyze skill

The association between the Wyze ability and your Alexa record can likewise have been upset. You’ll have to eliminate the Wyze expertise from your Alexa record and afterwards re-grant it. Open the Alexa application on your cell phone and go to Abilities and Games. Track down the Wyze ability and pick “Handicap Expertise”. Then move once more and yet again license the Wyze ability. This will set you to enrol alongside your Wyze record to hyperlink the ability once more. Follow the enacts to connect your Wyze vacuum work with Alexa.

Restart your router

Assuming you’re experiencing difficulties associating Wyze vacuum with Alexa, the difficulty may accompany your Wi-Fi people group. Restart your Wi-Fi switch to revive the organization association. When your switch is back on the web, investigate that your Wyze vacuum work with Alexa is reconnected to Wi-Fi inside the Wyze application. You may furthermore need to cripple and once again grant the Wyze capacity in Alexa to get it related to your revived organization.

With a little endurance and troubleshooting, you have to be capable of getting your Wyze vacuum to speak with Alexa again. Let me know if any of those hints assist in resolving your connectivity troubles!

FAQs – Getting Your Wyze Vacuum Working With Alexa

So you’ve bought a Wyze mechanical vacuum and presently you want to control it along with your voice utilizing Amazon Alexa. The right news is, that interfacing your Wyze vacuum work with Alexa is very honest. The following are some of the most ordinary inquiries and a method for getting started.

Do I need any unique device?

The simplest issue you’ll need is an active Wi-Fi connection, a Wyze robotic vacuum, and an Alexa-enabled tool like an Echo Dot. Both the vacuum and Alexa device must be linked to the equal Wi-Fi community in your own home.

How do I link my Wyze vacuum with Alexa?

  • Open the Wyze app on your smartphone and visit ‘Device Settings’
  • Select your Wyze robot vacuum
  • Tap ‘Link with Alexa’
  • Sign in together with your Amazon account
  • Click ‘Enable’ to hyperlink Wyze with Alexa
  • Say “Alexa, find my devices” on your Reverberation device.
  • Alexa will discover your Wyze vacuum and link it to your account.

What instructions can I use?

Once connected, you could use simple voice instructions like:

  • “Alexa, start the vacuum” to start vacuuming
  • “Alexa, pause the vacuum” to forestall it temporarily
  • “Alexa, ship the vacuum domestic” to return it to the charging dock
  • “Alexa, what is the fame of the vacuum?” to test its contemporary nation

You also can create exercises to start the vacuum at positive instances. The alternatives are pretty robust! Give the instructions a try to see how much simpler it is to use your Wyze vacuum. Let me know if you have any other questions!


  • Connecting your Wyze vacuum to Alexa permits you to control it arms-free with the use of just your voice instructions.
  • You can tell Alexa to start, forestall, pause the vacuum or alternate the suction electricity.
  • Scheduling and exercises allow you to mechanically begin your Wyze vacuum at certain instances and days.
  • The Wyze ability in Alexa helps you to test the repute of your Wyze vacuum like if it’s jogging, idle or how a great deal battery is ultimate.
  • To join, hyperlink your Wyze and Amazon bills within the Wyze app and enable the Wyze skill within the Alexa app.
  • Once linked, you can use voice commands with Alexa to start, pause, prevent and ship your Wyze vacuum to its docking station.
  • If you’ve got problems, ensure the Wyze vacuum is powered on, and connected to Wi-Fi, remove and re-add the Wyze skill in Alexa, and restart your router.

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