Blink Camera Battery: The Complete Guide to Replacing


Get a comprehensive overview of the Blink Camera and Battery system. A reliable solution for advanced home security
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Enhance home protection with long-lasting electricity! Explore our Blink Camera Battery for dependable surveillance. Buy now for peace of mind. It provides details on the battery lifespan, which typically ranges from 1 to 2 years depending on the camera model and environmental factors. Describes the steps for replacing the batteries, which involve removing the camera from its mount, opening the battery compartment, removing the old batteries, inserting new lithium AA batteries in the correct orientation, and resetting the camera in the Blink app.

Recommends using high-quality lithium batteries to maximize performance. Its signs that the battery needs replacing, such as the camera being offline frequently, reduced motion detection, issues with live view, and the camera case feeling warm. It provides tips for extending battery life, like reducing motion sensitivity, limiting live view use, and using a consistent recording schedule.

Discusses where to purchase replacement batteries, recommending buying directly from Blink for the best quality and compatibility. It also covers frequently asked questions about Blink camera batteries and provides overall guidance on maintaining the batteries to ensure optimal performance of the security camera system.​

Overview of the Blink Camera and Battery

Explore the comprehensive features of the Blink Camera and Battery system, a reliable duo for enhanced security
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The Blink outside security camera is a famous, low-cost choice for domestic tracking. It runs on AA lithium batteries that offer up to two years of battery existence, depending on usage and environmental elements. Replacing the batteries on your Blink digital camera is pretty honest, however right here are the fundamental steps to get you up and strolling once more quickly.

The Blink Digicam battery is positioned in the fundamental camera housing. To get admission to it, you’ll want to put off the mounting bracket from anywhere it is affixed—on a wall, ceiling, door or tree. Once indifferent from the mounting bracket, you will see the battery compartment at the back or underside of the camera. Simply slide off the cover to reveal the 2 AA batteries internal.

Remove the Old Batteries

  • Remove the old batteries and eliminate them properly in line with the battery type. Make sure no longer to combine antique and new batteries.
  • Install the two new lithium AA batteries with the fantastic and terrible ends dealing with the proper course. The polarity is marked in the battery compartment.
  • Put the battery cowl lower back on the digital camera and re-attach it to the mounting bracket within the equal role and height.
  • Open the Blink app for your smartphone and pick the digital camera you changed the batteries in.
  • Tap ‘Device Options’ then choose ‘Replace Batteries’. This will reset the camera and allow it to pair with the new batteries. Your digital camera has to start functioning as normal again within a couple of minutes.
  • For the best performance, use splendid lithium batteries for your Blink digicam. Non-lithium or rechargeable batteries may work however will not remain as long. Extreme warmth or cold can also reduce battery life.
  • If your Blink digital camera is exposed to temperatures underneath -four°F or above 113°F, the batteries may also drain quicker.

Replacing the batteries to your Blink outdoor protection digicam every 1-2 years will help ensure non-stop operation and warn you of any capability protection activities in your own home. Following the stairs above will have your Blink digital camera powered lower back up and tracking again right away.

How Long Do Blink Camera Batteries Last?

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The battery lifestyles of your Blink cameras rely upon numerous elements, consisting of the camera model, functions getting used, and environmental situations. In widespread, you can count on the batteries in Blink cameras to ultimate:

Blink Outdoor / Blink Indoor / Blink Mini

Blink Outdoor Blink Indoor Blink Mini
1-2 years, The outside cameras have the shortest battery existence 2-three years, indoor cameras usually have the longest battery existence 1-3 years, The Blink Mini can range quite a bit in battery life depending on utilization
Because of more worrying operational situations Because they operate in managed surroundings Using it mainly for movement-activated recordings
Using capabilities like stay view and motion detection regularly will lessen battery life Using a regular recording timetable and limiting live view will allow the battery to last 2-three years
Cold wintry weather weather also can tax the batteries Utilization facilitates maximised battery lifestyles Frequently viewing live pictures and two-manner audio will lessen it to around 1-12 months
Explore Blink Outdoor, Blink Indoor, and Blink Mini for comprehensive protection

Several guidelines can help enlarge the battery life of your Blink cameras:

Learn about the battery lifespan of your Blink cameras. Optimize performance and extend surveillance with our insights
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• Reduce the movement detection sensitivity. Only detect motion for areas of hobby. This limits recordings to simply applicable activities.

Limit Live View Utilization

• Limit live view utilization. Live view streams without delay drain the battery, so only use it whilst necessary.

• Use a constant recording timetable. Having the cameras documented on a timetable, like during nights and weekends while you’re away, facilitates maximum battery performance.

• Choose top-quality placement. Place cameras in areas with minimum environmental interference like wind, huge animals, and car headlights. This reduces excess recordings and battery drain.

• Use lithium batteries. Lithium batteries have a slower self-discharge rate and take care of temperature modifications higher than alkaline batteries. They might cost a chunk more however will final longer in your Blink cameras.

• Consider solar panels. For outside cameras, solar panels can assist in offsetting some of the strength demands and can even absolutely recharge the batteries for the day. This is a top-notch choice if you need the longest battery life possible.

By following these guidelines, you may get the maximum out of your Blink digital camera batteries and feature them last up to viable earlier than wanting a substitute. Be sure to have a few more batteries on hand so you’re in no way without your security device monitoring your private home.

Signs Your Blink Camera Battery Needs Replacing

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If your Blink cameras seem to be appearing up or not acting as well as they used to, it may be a signal that the batteries want to change. Blink camera batteries normally last 6-24 months, depending on utilization and environmental factors. Some symptoms it’s time for a battery change consist of:

The camera is offline often or gained’t joined

If your camera is offline or gained’t connected with the Blink app and sync module as regularly as it used to, the battery stage may be low. Blink cameras require strong batteries to electricity the digital camera and enable a Wi-Fi connection.

Motion Detection Decreases

As battery lifestyles diminish, your Blink digicam can also come across much less motion or stop detecting motion altogether. The digital camera calls for battery energy to actively monitor and detect motion.

Live view gained’t load or is Uneven

When you try viewing a live feed from your Blink digicam, it can now not load at all or be very laggy. Streaming stay video pictures calls for more battery electricity than primary capabilities like motion detection.

Night imaginative and prescient isn’t working

If your Blink digital camera’s night imaginative and prescient capability appears decreased or isn’t functioning, the battery degree is probably low or tired. The infrared LEDs that provide night imagination and prescient require battery energy to operate.

The case feels heat or warm

If the digicam case itself feels heat or hot to the touch, the battery internal may be overheating from being drained or malfunctioning. It’s best to update the battery right away in this case to keep away from potential fireplace risk.

The pleasant way to affirm if your Blink digital camera batteries want replacement is to open the camera case and physically check the battery level indicator. If the indicator shows one bar or much less, or if the batteries themselves appear swollen or broken, it’s time for an alternative. New batteries may be bought on Amazon or at once from Blink.

How to Replace Your Blink Camera Battery

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When the rechargeable battery to your Blink camera starts to lose capacity, it is time for a replacement. Replacing the battery is an honest technique, however, there are a few steps to comply with to ensure it’s performed properly.

You’ll need a new Blink digital camera battery it’s well suited together with your digital camera model. Blink batteries can be bought on Blink’s website or through principal stores like Amazon that bring Blink merchandise. Make certain the battery is mainly on your digital camera, whether it’s a Blink Mini, Blink Indoor, Blink Outdoor, Blink Sync Module, or a different model.

Turn off your Blink Cam

Once you have the new battery in hand:

  1. Turn off your Blink digicam and get rid of it from the mount or stand. This will make the battery compartment easier to access.
  2. Locate the battery cowl or door in your digital camera. This is generally on the bottom or return of the digital camera. You might also need to press and slide or unscrew the duvet to open it.
  3. Remove the old battery from the compartment. Note the orientation of the high-quality ( ) and poor (-) ends of the battery earlier than eliminating. The new battery will want to be hooked up the same way.
  4. Inspect the battery contacts within the compartment for any corrosion. Clean them if wanted usage of a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.
  5. Place the new battery into the compartment, matching the high-quality and poor ends to the proper contacts. Make certain the battery sits flat and stable inside the space.
  6. Put the battery cover lower back on, sliding or screwing it into the area. Ensure it’s secured to keep the factors out of the compartment.

Test the brand-new battery by way of turning your Blink camera on. The battery degree indicator needs to show a complete price, and the digicam needs to be strong in general. If it does now not, double-check that the battery is mounted efficaciously and completely charged.

Once the new battery is working well, you can re-mount your Blink digital camera. Your digital camera is now ready to get back to tracking and defensive! Be sure to properly put off or recycle your vintage Blink digital camera battery.

Where to Buy Replacement Blink Camera Batteries

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When the rechargeable battery in your Blink digicam begins to lose capacity, you’ll want to update it to keep your digicam going for walks easily. Blink camera batteries can commonly last 2-five years, depending on utilization and environmental elements. The correct news is, that alternative Blink batteries are quite simply available and easy to put in yourself.

You have some alternatives for buying new Blink digital camera batteries:

Blink Website / Amazon

Blink Website Amazon
The simplest choice is to buy replacement batteries at once from Blink’s internet site You also can find authentic Blink Digicam batteries and chargers on Amazon.
Blink gives battery kits that encompass lithium batteries and a battery charger for around $30 Double take a look at that the listing in particular says the batteries are well suited together with your Blink camera model, Batteries offered by Blink or Amazon as the seller are much more likely to be legitimate
Batteries bought from Blink might be specifically designed in your Blink digital camera version and include a one-year assurance Watch out for 0.33-celebration dealers, as some may sell decreased-quality knock-off batteries
Explore Blink on our website or find us on Amazon
Explore the convenience of local retailers for your needs. Support community businesses for a personalized shopping experience
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Local Retailers

Some home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Best Buy that deliver Blink cameras can also promote alternative batteries, specifically for popular fashions. Call your neighbourhood stores first to check availability and compare charges. Buying in-keep allows you to get the batteries straight away so that you can speedy get your Blink digital camera up and jogging once more.

Third-Party Batteries

As an ultimate motel, you could strive for third-birthday party substitute lithium batteries that are declared to be well-matched with Blink cameras. However, there may be a danger that these off-logo batteries may not have the same overall performance or sturdiness as proper Blink batteries. They should potentially void your Blink digital camera’s guarantee. Only attempt 1/3-celebration batteries if the opposite alternatives are unavailable and also you need a battery urgently.

In summary, for the satisfactory satisfactory, overall performance, and peace of thought, we advocate purchasing substitute Blink digicam batteries immediately from Blink or a certified store like Amazon. With an actual battery mounted, your Blink camera might be lowered back to tracking and protection very quickly.


How long does the battery remain?

The battery life of your Blink digital camera can vary depending on usage and the surroundings it’s in. In common, you can assume:

  • Blink Indoor/Outdoor: Up to two years
  • Blink Mini: Up to 2 years
  • Blink XT2: Up to 2 years

The battery will deplete faster in very hot or bloodless weather, so you may need to update it greater frequently if the digital camera is exposed to severe temperatures. The good news is that the batteries are smooth to switch out yourself.

What type of batteries do I need?

Blink cameras use trendy AA lithium batteries that may be found at most electronics shops. For exceptional performance, use exquisite lithium batteries like Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries. Alkaline batteries will work in a pinch but receive ultimate as lengthy.

How do I replace the batteries?

Replacing the batteries to your Blink Digicam is short and easy. Here are the steps:

  • Remove the mount or casing from the digital camera to get admission to the battery compartment. This may also contain unscrewing a few screws or popping off a cowl.
  • Locate the battery slot—this could normally be a narrow opening on the lower back or underside of the digital camera.
  • Gently pry or lift out the vintage batteries from the connectors or clips. Be very careful now not to damage any surrounding components.
  • Match the new batteries to the wonderful ( ) and poor (-) terminals within the battery compartment. The correct orientation needs to be truly marked.
  • Firmly push the new batteries into the vicinity until they click or lock-in. Ensure they’re securely related to the terminals.
  • Put the mount or casing back on the digital camera and strengthen it. The camera ought to start up as normal with the new batteries set up.
  • Dispose of or recycle the vintage batteries properly in line with the local regulations of your place. Do no longer throw them in the ordinary trash.

If you have some other questions about your Blink digital camera or battery alternative, make certain to test out the official aid site for extra details. The batteries are an important factor, so replacing them while needed will assist in keeping your house protection system running sturdy.


In the give up, nicely preserving your Blink digital camera battery will ensure you get the maximum out of your funding in domestic protection. By following the tips in this manual, your Blink digital camera battery ought to finalise 2-5 years earlier than the desiring alternative. But when that point comes, now you recognize the proper steps to take.

To summarize:

  • Inspect your Blink camera battery often for any harm or corrosion and update if vital.
  • Store spare Blink batteries in a cool, dry vicinity far away from excessive warmth or cold.
  • Consider using a smart charger to help lengthen the lifespan of your Blink batteries through optimized charging.
  • Only use reputable Blink alternative batteries to ensure compatibility and pleasant overall performance.
  • Generic or off-emblem batteries may additionally harm your Blink digicam.
  • Recycle your antique Blink batteries well consistent with the commands inside the user manual.

By taking the right care of your Blink digital camera batteries, you may get peace of mind understanding your private home safety system is functioning at its satisfactory and your cameras will be rolling while you want the maximum. Staying on top of something as small as well as retaining and changing your batteries could make a large difference in how properly your Blink system protects what matters most.

If you do revel in any troubles with your Blink camera battery life or overall performance that persist after following those tips, be sure to contact Blink customer service for additional assistance. They’re available to offer more unique steerage on your situation.

In the stop, with some easy care and upkeep, your Blink Digicam battery can serve you well for years yet to come, helping ensure you’ve got a clean, inexpensive manner to reveal your own home 24/7. Stay secure!

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