How to Connect Govee Lights to Alexa

Illustration showing the connection process between Govee lights and Alexa, depicting a smartphone with the Govee Home app and an Amazon Echo device
Connecting Govee Lights to Alexa: Simplify your smart home experience with seamless integration

Learn how to Connect Govee Lights to Alexa in just a few smooth advances. Control your lights together with your voice using Alexa gadgets like Echo Dot. Connecting Govee lighting fixtures to Alexa opens up a realm of possibilities in smart domestic automation. By seamlessly integrating these structures, you could manipulate your lights with simply your voice, adding convenience and atmosphere to your living area. In this manual, we’ll stroll you through the easy steps required to set up this connection, empowering you to free up the whole potential of your Govee lighting fixtures with the power of Alexa.

What You Need to Connect Govee Lights to Alexa

To join your Govee clever lighting to Alexa, you will need a few matters. First, ensure you’ve got the Govee Home app installed for your smartphone and feature created an account to access your lighting fixtures. You’ll additionally need to allow the Govee skill within the Alexa app so the two can communicate.

Wi-Fi connection

Both your Alexa tool and Govee lighting need to be connected to the equal Wi-Fi community in your property. If they are not in the same community, Alexa won’t be capable of finding out and managing your lights.

Govee clever lights

Only certain Govee lights are well-matched with Alexa, particularly models that are Bluetooth-enabled and Wi-Fi-connected. These include models of the Lyra ground lamp, Glide wall mild, and Bluetooth RGBIC strip lights. Check that your precise lights are on the compatibility listing.

Amazon Echo device

You’ll want an Amazon Echo clever speaker, like the Echo Dot or Echo Show, to govern your Govee lighting fixtures using Alexa voice instructions. The Echo acts as the intermediary, receiving your voice commands and translating them so your lighting fixtures are recognised.

Linking bills

The very last step is linking your Govee and Alexa debts so Alexa acknowledges your lighting fixtures. Open the Govee Home app, visit “Profile” and select “Link to Alexa”. Follow the activities to sign up in your Amazon account and enable the Govee talent. Once related, you will be able to turn your lights on and off or change colours with the use of simple voice instructions.

Downloading the Govee Home App and Linking to Alexa

  • To relate your Govee delicate strips to Alexa, you could download the Govee Home application and associate your record.
  • Once the app is established, create an account or check in in case you have already got one. Next, switch on your Govee light strip and open the Govee Home app. The app has to be mechanically hit upon your device.
  • Tap to add it. Give your light strip a call like “Bedroom lights” so that you recognise which one it’s miles.
  • Next, you need to hyperlink your Govee Home account to Alexa. In the Govee Home app, faucet the menu icon and pick “Link to Alexa”. Follow the activities to register on your Amazon account and authorize the Govee talent.
  • Alexa and Govee ought to now be connected. You can try it out by way of announcing “Alexa, switch on the bedroom lights”. Your mild strip must turn on! You can also alter brightness, alternate hues, flash, strobe and extra using voice instructions through Alexa.

The key to getting the whole lot of work is to make certain you have a robust Wi-Fi connection, your Govee mild strips are grown to become on, you have added them inside the Govee Home app, and you’ve correctly related your Govee and Amazon money owed. If executed properly, you will be controlling your lighting fixtures with easy voice instructions right away!

Connecting Your Govee Lights to WiFi

To manage your Govee smart lighting with Alexa, you may first need to connect them to your WiFi network. This lets the lights communicate with Alexa via the Govee Home app. Here’s the way to set up your Govee lighting fixtures on WiFi:

Download the Govee Home App

The Govee Home app is available free of charge in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Download the app on your mobile tool. Once established, open the app and tap “Add Device”.

Connect to Your WiFi

You’ll be brought on to select your WiFi community name and input your password. Make certain your Govee lights are plugged in and grown to become on, then faucet “Next”. The app will automatically come across your Govee lighting fixtures.

Name Your Device

Give your Govee lighting fixtures a name like “Bedroom lighting fixtures” or “Kitchen strip”. Tap “Done” to store the name. Your Govee lights are linked to WiFi and geared up to be controlled via the Govee Home app or with Alexa!

From here, you could manipulate your Govee lights from everywhere, set schedules and timers, and create scenes with distinct colourings and brightness tiers. The Govee Home app allows for complete management and customization of your clever lights. Connecting the lighting to WiFi and the Govee Home app is the first step to allowing voice manipulation with Alexa.

Discovering Govee Skills in the Alexa App

A screenshot of the Alexa app interface showing the process of discovering Govee skills, with options to enable and link the Govee account
Easily integrate Govee devices for enhanced smart home control

Once you’ve enabled the Govee skill for your Alexa app, you will discover all of the available voice instructions you could use. The Govee talent lets you govern your smart lighting fixtures using simple voice commands through any Alexa device.

Turning Your Lights On and Off

The maximum basic characteristic is popping your Govee lighting on and stale. Just say “Alexa, activate my Govee lighting” or “Alexa, switch off my Govee lighting.” Alexa will send the command in your Govee hub to be able to power your lights on or off.

Dimming and Brightening

You can also dim or brighten your Govee lighting fixtures using per cent the use of voice instructions like “Alexa, dim my Govee lighting to 50%” or “Alexa, brighten my Govee lighting to seventy five%.” Your Govee lighting will step by step change to the requested brightness stage.

Changing Light Colors

If you’ve got Govee clever LED lights that could display distinct colourations, you may exchange the shade for the usage of the Govee talent. Try instructions along with “Alexa, alternate my Govee lighting to crimson” or “Alexa, set my Govee lights to blue.” Your lighting will transition to the brand-new shade you asked for.

Creating Lighting Scenes

You can create and activate your own custom-designed lighting fixture scenes with the Govee skill and Alexa. For instance, you may make a “Relax” scene to dim your lights to a smooth glow or a “Party” scene to brighten them and trade to festive colourations. To prompt a scene simply say something like “Alexa, activate the Relax scene for my Govee lighting fixtures.” Your pre-programmed scene will be displayed.

The Govee Alexa ability offers an easy, palms-free manner to manipulate your smart lights with the use of simple voice commands. With a piece of experimenting, you may be the usage of the ability to create the proper atmosphere in your private home right away.

Voice Controls for Your Govee Lights With Alexa

Did you know you could manipulate your Govee smart lighting using just your voice? By permitting the Govee Alexa talent, you could turn your lighting fixtures on and off, trade brightness, and transfer among modes using easy voice commands.

Link Your Govee Account to Alexa

The initial step is connecting your Govee record to the Alexa application. In the Alexa application, go to “Abilities and Games” and quest for the “Govee” expertise. Tap “Empower” to connect the expertise to your Govee account. Follow the login prompts to go into your Govee username and secret key.

Discover Your Govee Devices

Once connected, Alexa will find out all of the Govee smart gadgets associated with your account. This can take a couple of minutes as Alexa finds all of your lights, light strips, and controllers. When discovery is complete, your Govee devices will appear in the “Smart Home” section of the Alexa app and you’ll be prepared to start using voice controls.

Issue Voice Commands

Now you can manage your Govee lights certainly through speaking to any Alexa-enabled tool like an Echo clever speaker. Try instructions like:

  • “Alexa, activate the kitchen lights.”
  • “Alexa, dim the residing room light strip to 50%.”
  • “Alexa, exchange the bedroom lighting to colour cycle mode.”

Alexa will respond confirming she has adjusted your Govee lighting as asked. With a little exercise, using your voice to control your clever home lighting can become second nature.

By allowing the Govee Alexa ability, you’ve unlocked an entirely new palms-unfastened manner to manage your Govee lights. Now you can kick back, relax and permit Alexa to do the best right for you. Your smart lighting fixtures simply were given an even smarter way to the strength of voice controls.

FAQs about Connect Govee Lights to Alexa

Do I need a Govee account to use the lights with Alexa?

Yes, connecting your Govee clever lights with Alexa calls for a Govee account. The good news is, that creating an account is unfastened and best takes a minute. Once you have an account, you can enable the Govee talent in the Alexa app to hyperlink the two offerings.

Which Govee lighting paintings with Alexa?

The vast majority of Govee’s Wi-Fi-empowered savvy lighting is viable with Alexa, which incorporates conceal bulbs, gentle strips, and floor lights and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In particular, the H6159, H6163, H6104, and H6127 styles were tried to work appropriately with Alexa voice controls. As Govee delivers new products, a significant number of them will potentially furthermore uphold Alexa incorporation.

Do I want any extra hardware?

To join Govee Lighting to Alexa, all you need is:

  • Govee Wi-Fi smart lighting fixtures
  • The Govee Home app
  • The Alexa app
  • A device with an Alexa assistant like an Echo Dot.

No extra hubs, bridges or different hardware are required. The connection between the lights, Govee Home app and Alexa has revamped your Wi-Fi network.

What can I do with Govee lighting fixtures and Alexa?

Once linked, you may use Alexa voice instructions to:

  • Turn your Govee lighting fixtures on and off.
  • Dim and brighten the lights.
  • Change the colouration of colour-changing bulbs and mild strips.
  • Set lighting schedules and timers.
  • Create Alexa Routines to control your Govee lights alongside different clever gadgets.

The alternatives for automation and voice management are pretty strong. Alexa adds loads of convenience and functionality to your Govee smart lighting gadget.

Does Govee percentage my records with Amazon?

Govee takes user privacy and protection significantly. When you hyperlink the Govee and Alexa services, Govee will no longer share any non-public facts with Amazon beyond what is necessary to permit the connection. Your Govee account info and Wi-Fi login information continue to be private.


  • You’ll need the Govee Home app set up and a Govee account created.
  • Both your Alexa tool and Govee lighting have to hook up with an equal Wi-Fi network.
  • Only sure Govee mild fashions are Alexa well matched, test the compatibility listing.
  • An Amazon Echo speaker like Echo Dot is required to manipulate Govee lights with Alexa voice commands.
  • Link your Govee and Alexa accounts in the Govee Home app to enable voice manipulation.
  • You can turn Govee lighting fixtures on/off, dim/brighten lighting, exchange hues and create scenes with the use of Alexa voice instructions.
  • Connect Govee lighting to Wi-Fi with the usage of the Govee Home app to allow Alexa to manage.
  • The Govee Alexa talent permits you to govern lights using easy voice instructions via any Alexa device.

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