How to Connect Wyze Bulb to Alexa

A checklist of items needed to connect a Wyze Bulb to Alexa, including an Alexa device, the Wyze app, and the Wyze Bulb itself, with instructions for setting up the Wyze app, enabling the Wyze skill in the Alexa app, and connecting the bulb to Alexa for voice control
Prepare to connect your Wyze Bulb to Alexa with ease

Learn how to connect Wyze Bulb to Alexa for voice management. Get your gadgets connected in just a few steps for an arms-loose lighting experience. Connecting your Wyze Bulb to Alexa is a simple system that requires a couple of key stages. First, ensure you have the important hardware: an Alexa device, the Wyze app, and the Wyze Bulb. Then, follow those steps to combine your bulb with Alexa, allowing handy voice management over your smart lights.

Preparing to Connect Your Wyze Bulb to Alexa

  • To join your Wyze Bulb to Alexa, you may first want to ensure you have the whole thing equipped.
    You’ll want an Alexa device like an Echo Dot or Echo Show, the Wyze app for your cellphone, and a Wyze Bulb, of Path! Whenever you have the equipment, download the Wyze application and make a record to oversee your Wyze gadgets.
  • Then, you’ll need to associate your Wyze Bulb with the Wyze application with the goal that you can find it inside the Alexa application. To do this, simply screw to your Wyze Bulb, open the Wyze application, and transfer the apparatus. Give the bulb a name like “Lounge Light” so you know which one it is.
  • Finally, you’ll want to permit the Wyze ability in your Alexa app. Open the Alexa app and visit Skills and Games. Search for “Wyze” and select the Wyze talent. Tap “Enable Skill” and check in along with your Wyze account data.
  • This connects your Wyze account to Alexa so your clever gadgets can communicate. With the Wyze skill enabled and your bulb set up inside the Wyze app, your Wyze Bulb is now equipped to connect with Alexa.

Step-by using-Step Guide to Connect Wyze Bulb to Alexa

  • So you want to manipulate your Wyze Bulb with Alexa, huh? Well, you are in good fortune because connecting the 2 is genuinely pretty honest. To begin with, guarantee you have the Wyze application connected to your telephone and have made a record. You’ll moreover need to have an Alexa gadget like a Reverberation or Reverberation Dab set up.
  • Whenever you have all that, open the Wyze application and tap the menu symbol inside the upper left. Select “Alexa Integration” and then the faucet to permit the talent. You’ll be triggered to signal into your Wyze account. Do that, after which Alexa will find out your Wyze Bulbs.
  • Now comes the laugh element – controlling your bulb! Say something like “Alexa, activate the dwelling room light”. Alexa will turn on the Wyze Bulb you’ve got named “dwelling room light”. You can also try “Alexa, dim the bedroom light to 50%”. Pretty cool, right?
  • If for some purpose Alexa isn’t discovering your bulbs, you may need to carry out a quick reset. Just flip your bulb on and stale five times in a row. Your bulb will flash to verify the reset, and then Alexa should discover it within a few minutes.
  • And it’s sincerely all there’s to it. With only a few simple steps, you’ll be controlling your Wyze Bulbs hands-unfastened the use of just the sound of your voice. How’s that for clever domestic convenience? Let the automation begin!

Troubleshooting Common Issues With Connecting Wyze Bulb to Alexa

A list of troubleshooting steps for common issues encountered while connecting a Wyze Bulb to Alexa, including tips for resolving connectivity problems, ensuring proper device settings, and re-establishing the connection between the Wyze app and Alexa
Troubleshoot Wyze Bulb connection issues with Alexa

Alexa Can’t Discover Wyze Bulb / Alexa Responds “Device Not Responding”

Alexa Can’t Discover Wyze BulbAlexa Responds “Device Not Responding”
If Alexa can not find your Wyze Bulb, double-test that your Wi-Fi router and Alexa tool are running wellThis usual manner that Alexa has misplaced its connection in your Wyze Bulb
Also confirm that your Wyze Bulb is grown to become on First, open the Wyze app to make sure the bulb is still linked to Wi-Fi and responding to instructions
Sometimes a brief reboot of your router or Alexa speaker will restore connectivity problemsIf not, you may need to strength cycle the bulb by turning it off for some seconds and again on
You also can attempt disabling the five GHz band in your router and setting up a separate 2You ought to also double-check that the Wyze skill is still enabled on your Alexa app
Four GHz network on your clever home gadgets like the Wyze BulbThat the bulb continues to be linked to the Wyze account
Connected to Wi-Fi, and the Wyze app can manipulate itRe-linking the skill and bulb can be required to re-establish the connection
The decreased frequency can offer higher coverage and connectivityBe patient, as it can take numerous minutes for Alexa and Wyze to sync and return up
Troubleshooting Alexa: Issues with discovering Wyze Bulb or device unresponsiveness

Other Troubleshooting Tips

  • Update the firmware on your Wyze Bulb, Alexa, and router to the latest versions. Outdated software can cause connectivity troubles.
  • Make sure your Wyze and Amazon debts use one-of-a-kind passwords. If you used the same password for each and changed it these days, you may need to re-link the money owed.
  • Try transferring your Wyze Bulb toward your router or Alexa tool. The further away they are, the more likely interference and connectivity issues come to be.
  • As a final hotel, you may want to reset your Wyze Bulb to manufacturing facility settings and set it lower back up. This will eliminate it from your Wyze account so you’ll need to re-add and link it. But it can remedy cussed connectivity and responsiveness troubles.

FAQs about Connect Wyze Bulb to Alexa


  • You’ll want an Alexa tool, the Wyze app, and a Wyze Bulb to attach them. Create a Wyze account and add your bulb to the app.
  • Open the Alexa app, look for the “Wyze” ability, and allow it. Sign in together with your Wyze account to attach Alexa and Wyze.
  • In the Wyze app, tap the menu, choose “Alexa Integration”, and allow the ability. Alexa will discover your Wyze Bulbs.
  • If Alexa can not find your bulb, test your WiFi, restart Alexa and your router, and reset your bulb by way of turning it on and off 5 times.
  • As a closing inn, reset your Wyze Bulb to manufacturing facility settings and set it up again in the Wyze app.

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