How to set up Wemo Smart Plug with Alexa

Wemo Smart Plug and Amazon Echo device, along with a smartphone and Wi-Fi router, representing the essentials needed to set up Wemo Smart Plug with Alexa
What You Need: Wemo Smart Plug, Alexa device, smartphone, and Wi-Fi

Learn how to set up Wemo Smart Plug with Alexa to voice the executives. A step-by-step manual for connecting devices and controlling them using Alexa voice instructions. Unlocking the energy of voice-controlled automation is simpler than ever with the Wemo Smart Plug and Alexa. In this manual, we will delve into the seamless method of putting in your Wemo Smart Plug with Alexa, transforming your home into a hub of convenience and performance at your command.

What You Need to Set Up Wemo Smart Plug With Alexa

  • To join your Wemo Smart Plug with Alexa, you will want some necessities. First, an Alexa-enabled tool like an Echo Dot or Echo Show. Then, a Wemo Shrewd Fitting – interfaces any essential source for your Wi-Fi so you have some control over contraptions with an application or voice.
  • When you have the equipment, download the Wemo application to your telephone and make a record. This will allow you to join your Shrewd Module your Wi-Fi people group. Make sure your Alexa tool and Smart Plug are on the same network.
  • Head to the Alexa app and click “Smart Home Skills”. Search for Wemo and pick out “Enable Skill”. This hyperlinks your Wemo account with Alexa so she is aware of the way to manage your plug.
  • Back in the Wemo app, discover your Smart Plug and supply it a name like “Lamp” or “Fan” – anything device is hooked up. This call is what you may say to govern it with Alexa.
  • Finally, discover your Smart Plugs in the Alexa app. She’ll find the plugs and join them so that you can say something like “Alexa, activate the lamp!” Boom, your lamp linked to the Smart Plug will switch on. How’s that for smooth home automation?
  • With just a few simple steps, you’ve linked your Wemo Smart Plug and Alexa. Now you can manage all types of devices around your own home with simply the sound of your voice. The destiny is right here! Isn’t generation grand?

Downloading the Wemo and Alexa Apps

  • In the Wemo application, you’ll add and introduce your new Brilliant Attachment. You should simply connect it, open the application, select “Add a Gadget” and follow the in-plain view screen orders. The application will find your Brilliant Attachment and walk you through associating it with your Wi-Fi organization. Whenever it’s connected, you can rename your fitting and set a plan to naturally flip it on or off.
  • Next, open the Alexa app and permit the Wemo Smart Home talent. This allows Alexa to find out and manage your Wemo devices. In the skill, register with the identical Wemo account you used to install your Smart Plug. Alexa will then look for your available Wemo devices and upload your Smart Plug as a controllable device.
  • Presently you’re prepared to start controlling your Wemo Savvy Fitting with straightforward voice guidelines through Alexa! You can make statements like “Alexa, switch on the light” or “Alexa, flip off the fan” and your Brilliant Fitting will answer. How advantageous is that? No seriously getting up to turn switches or playing with lines and clocks. Your Savvy Fitting makes power readily available – or need to say at your voice.
  • Pretty slick, right? A few taps in your telephone and you’ve got smart domestic automation in the palm of your hand. Or within the sound of your voice! The Wemo Smart Plug and Alexa make it smooth to begin constructing your related home.

Connecting Your Wemo Smart Plug to WiFi

To begin utilizing your Wemo Brilliant Fitting with Alexa, you first need to associate it with your WiFi organization.

Selecting a WiFi community

Make sure your router is on and broadcasting its community name (additionally known as SSID). Check that the community is a well-known 2. Four GHz community and no longer a long-variety 5 GHz network, as the Wemo Smart Plug handiest helps 2.4 GHz WiFi.

Downloading the Wemo app

Download the loose Wemo app on your iOS or Android tool. Sign in or create a Wemo account to get started.

Adding your clever plugConfirming the relationship
Open the Wemo app and faucet “Add a Device”Once the smart plug connects to the WiFi network, its indicator mild will turn strong blue
Select “Wemo Savvy Attachment” from the rundown of gadgetsThis confirms it is linked effectively
The application will direct you through associating the savvy attachment to your WiFi organizationYour clever plug has to now appear inside the listing of connected gadgets within the Wemo app
You’ll want to go into your network name and passwordIndicating it’s prepared to use
Adding your smart plug: Confirming the connection

After the relationship is made, you can now control your Wemo Smart Plug immediately via the app to show electronics on and stale from everywhere. You also can set schedules to automate the plug. Next up, link your Wemo Smart Plug with Alexa for voice control. The Wemo Smart Plug works with Amazon Alexa to provide palms-loose enjoy-controlling gadgets around your property.

Linking Your Wemo Account With Alexa

a smartphone with the Wemo app open, alongside an Amazon Echo device, symbolizing the process of linking your Wemo account with Alexa for seamless integration
Linking Your Wemo Account: Seamless integration with Alexa
  • Now that you’ve set up your Wemo Brilliant Fitting, now is the right time to interface it to Alexa so you can control it with voice directions. Connecting the two cash owed is a short strategy.
  • To begin with, open the Alexa application on your cell phone and tap the menu symbol in the zenith left corner. Select “Abilities and Games” and afterwards tap the hunt symbol at the highest point of the screen. Search for “Wemo” and select the Wemo Smart Home skill. Tap “Enable to Use”.
  • Next, you’ll need to sign in for your Wemo account within the Alexa app. Tap “Link Account” and input your Wemo login credentials. Once your money owed is linked, Alexa will discover all the Wemo gadgets in your house’s Wi-Fi network. This commonly takes a couple of minutes but may also take up to fifteen minutes.
  • When the discovery manner is completed, your Wemo Smart Plug will appear within the Devices phase of the Alexa app, as well as on the Home display. You may additionally want to scroll right down to view it. Tap the plug icon to see options for controlling your clever plug with Alexa.
  • Now you’re all set to show your Wemo Smart Plug on and rancid the use of voice instructions via any Alexa-enabled device in your home. Just say something like “Alexa, activate the living room lamp” or “Alexa, turn off the fan”. Alexa will send the command for your Wemo Smart Plug and manage the tool as asked.
  • If at any time you want to unlink your Wemo and Alexa accounts, simply cross back to the Wemo Smart Home ability web page inside the Alexa app and choose “Disable Skill”. This will unlink the money owed and prevent Alexa from controlling your Wemo gadgets till you relink the money owed. Enjoy the ease of smart home voice control.

Controlling Your Wemo Devices With Alexa Voice Commands

Once you’ve installed your Wemo Smart Plugs or Switches in the Alexa app, you’ll be capable of controlling the usage of just your voice. This is in which the real convenience of clever home generation comes into play.

Turning Your Devices On and Off

The primary commands are “Alexa, switch on [device name]” and “Alexa, flip off [device name].” Make sure you name your Wemo devices something easy and clean to not forget, like “dwelling room lamp” or “espresso maker.” Alexa will reply to affirm whether the device has been turned on or off.

Creating Groups

For added comfort, you could bunch numerous Wemo gadgets underneath one association call. Then you had some control over them at the same time with a solitary order. For instance, make a gathering alluded to as “first-floor lighting” and comprise of your front room light, kitchen lights, and lobby light. Then you can say “Alexa, turn on the ground floor lighting” and they will all come on immediately.

Setting Schedules and Timers

Alexa also can manage your Wemo gadgets on a schedule or countdown timer. Say “Alexa, set a timetable to show at the residing room lamp at 6 pm.” Or “Alexa, set a timer for half an hour to show off the espresso maker.” This lets you automate your devices for added comfort and strength efficiency.

Checking Device Status

If you need to check if a device is currently on or off, virtually ask “Alexa, is the living room lamp on/off?” Alexa will inform you of the cutting-edge repute so that you know while not having to check it yourself.

The options for voice controlling your clever domestic devices are almost infinite. The more you operate Alexa, the greater natural and intuitive it becomes. Your Wemo Smart Plugs and Switches, combined with Alexa voice instructions, make it easy to manage all your related gadgets with just the sound of your voice.

FAQs About How to set up Wemo Smart Plug with Alexa

Can I control a couple of Wemo Smart Plugs with Alexa?

Absolutely! Once you’ve installed one Wemo Smart Plug, adding additional plugs is straightforward. Simply deploy every plug, open the Wemo app and upload the new tool. Alexa will routinely hit upon any new Wemo gadgets on your network and let you control them with your voice. You can give each plug a unique name without difficulty controlling them personally or organization multiple plugs collectively to show on/off at the same time.

Do I need a smart home hub to use Wemo Smart Plugs?

No, a clever home hub is not required to apply Wemo Smart Plugs with Alexa. Wemo Smart Plugs connect directly to your Wi-Fi router and are controlled through the Wemo app or with the aid of voice and the use of Alexa. However, if you do have a clever home hub like SmartThings or Wink, Wemo devices also are compatible and the plugs can be brought for your hub.

Can I timetable Wemo Smart Plugs to turn on/off mechanically?

Yes, scheduling is available for Wemo Smart Plugs. In the Wemo app, tap the menu icon next to your plug and choose “Timer”. You can set a one-time timer or time table an ordinary to automatically flip your plug on/off at the same time every day. Schedules you create within the Wemo app can even appear inside the Alexa app, allowing you to permit/disable them along with your voice.

Do Wemo Smart Plugs work out of doors or in moist places?

No, Wemo Smart Plugs are meant for indoor use most effective in dry locations. They are not climate-resistant or water-resistant and need to not be used in regions exposed to moisture like basements, toilets, or outdoors. For controlling outside lights or gadgets, recollect the usage of climate-resistant clever plugs specifically designed for outside and wet locations.

Can I control Wemo Smart Plugs when far from domestic?

Yes, the Wemo app lets you manipulate your smart plugs remotely from anywhere. As long as your phone has an internet connection, you can turn your Wemo gadgets on/off properly from the app. You likewise can allow distant admission to inside the Alexa application to administer your fittings with Alexa voice directions when away from home.


  • You’ll need an Alexa-empowered gadget like a Reverberation Speck and a Wemo Shrewd Fitting.
  • Download the Wemo and Alexa applications, make charges and associate your Shrewd Fitting to WiFi utilizing the Wemo application.
  • In the Alexa app, enable the Wemo Smart Home talent and hyperlink your Wemo account. Alexa will discover your Wemo devices.
  • Give your Smart Plug a call in the Wemo app. Then you could manage it with voice commands like “Alexa, switch on the lamp”.
  • You can agenda your Smart Plug to mechanically activate/off in the Wemo app. These schedules also appear in the Alexa app.
  • Alexa will apprehend voice commands to turn devices connected to your Smart Plug on and rancid.
  • You can organise more than one Wemo device and manipulate them together with one Alexa voice command.
  • Wemo Smart Plugs handiest paintings indoors considering that they’re no longer weather-resistant.

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