How to Watch Your Blink Camera on PC

Learn how to watch your Blink camera on a PC with this step-by-step guide
Simple setup for camera monitoring

Discover a seamless guide on Watch Your Blink Camera on PC. Easy setup for remote monitoring. Follow our step-by-step instructions! You just set up your new Blink camera system to keep an eye on things but realize your phone screen is way too small to see details.

No worries – Watching your Blink camera on the computer is super simple. In less than 5 minutes you can have the Blink desktop app installed and be viewing crisp, high footage on that big beautiful monitor.  This guide will walk you through getting everything set up, from downloading the application to synchronizing your cameras.

You’ll watch your Blink video feed on a PC in a matter of seconds, with convenient highlights like various camera perspectives and movement discovery cautions right readily available. So plug in those cams and how about we get your home security stream playing on the PC?

Why Watch Your Blink Camera on PC?

There are a couple of advantages to Watch Your Blink Camera on PC instead of right through the portable application.

Bigger Screen

Viewing on a computer monitor provides a much larger screen than your smartphone. This means you can see details more clearly and spot events or people in your footage more easily. You might catch something on the bigger screen that you missed when viewing on your phone.

Save and Share Footage

The Blink application on your telephone is helpful for rapidly monitoring your camera, yet the work area programming gives further developed highlights. You can save, download, and share explicit clasps or time-lapse films from your Blink cameras. This simplifies it to save significant occasions or offer amusing minutes from your camera with loved ones.

Customize Settings

You have access to more customizable options through the desktop Watch Your Blink Camera on PC software. You can adjust things like motion detection sensitivity, camera names, and scheduling with more precision. The desktop software may also provide firmware updates for your cameras to ensure optimal performance before the mobile app.

Continuous Watch Your Blink Camera on PC Live View

Want to keep an eye on things for an extended period? The desktop software allows for continuous Watch Your Blink Camera on PC. You can select a camera feed to view live for as long as you like. This is ideal if you have an outdoor camera and want to monitor wildlife or check how things look after dark. The mobile app limits live viewing to just 60 seconds at a time.

Watch Your Blink Camera on PC provides some useful benefits over the mobile app alone. The larger screen, ability to save and share footage, customized controls, and continuous live viewing make the desktop software worth using in addition to the convenience of the mobile app. Give the software a try you might be surprised at what extra details or events you notice on the bigger screen!

What You’ll Need to Watch Your Blink Camera on a PC

Essential tools for viewing your Blink Camera on a PC: Get ready with this checklist
Blink on PC: Your Essentials checklist

To see your Blink camera’s live video or recorded cuts on your Windows PC or Macintosh PC, you’ll require a couple of essential things:

Blink Sync Module 2 and Cameras

The mind of the Blink System is Sync Module 2, which interfaces your Blink XT2, Blink Small or Blink Open air cameras to the web so you can see their recording from a distance. Ensure your Sync Module 2 is associated with your home Wi-Fi organization and your Blink cameras are matched with it.

Blink App

You’ll have to download the free Blink application to your cell phone Watch Your Blink Camera on PC (Android or iOS) or tablet and make a Blink record to interface your cameras. When your record is set up, you can utilize the equivalent login subtleties to see your cameras out of commission site or work area application.

Blink Desktop App (Optional)

Blink offers a work area application for Windows and Macintosh that gives a simple method for surveying your cameras on your PC. You can download the work area application on Blink’s site and sign in with your Blink account subtleties to get to your cameras.

The work area application has comparable elements to the versatile Blink application like live view, seeing recorded cuts, and camera settings and that’s just the beginning.

Blink Website

If you don’t want to download the work area application, you can sign in to your Blink account on Blink’s site utilizing any internet browser on your PC or Macintosh. The Blink site has generally a similar usefulness as the portable and work area applications for reviewing your cameras live or watching recorded cuts.

With your Sync Module 2 and Blink cameras set up, and the necessary resources to get to them on your PC through the Blink application or site, you’ll view and observe from the solace of your work area quickly. Inform me as to whether you have any other inquiries!

Downloading the Blink App for Windows

To see your Blink camera’s live film or recorded cuts on Watch Your Blink Camera on PC, you’ll have to download the free Blink application. The Blink application permits you to get to your Blink Sync Module and associated Blink cameras from your Windows work area or PC.

Install the Blink App

  1. Open the Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC. You can search for “Microsoft Store” in the pursuit bar at the lower part of your screen to find it.
  2. In the Microsoft Store search bar, type in “Blink Home Screen”. The Blink Home Screen application ought to show up as the top outcome.
  3. Click “Get” or “Download” to introduce the free Blink Home Screen application on your PC.
  4. When introduced, open the Blink Home Screen application. You might be provoked to sign in with the email address and secret key related to your Blink account.

Connect to your Blink System

  1. Ensure your Blink Sync Module is connected and associated Watch Your Blink Camera on PC with your Wi-Fi organization. The blue light on the facade of the Sync Module ought to be strong, showing it is associated with your organization.
  2. In the Blink application, tap “Add system” or “Associate with System”. Your Blink Sync Module chronic number will show up. Tap to choose it.
  3. Enter your Blink account secret word to verify and associate the application to your Blink cameras and Sync Module.
  4. Your associated Blink cameras will currently show up in the application. You can see live film, recorded clasps, and roll out any improvements to camera settings right from your Windows PC.

Utilizing the Blink application on your Windows work area or PC gives a simple method for watching out for your home when you’re not in a hurry. Inform me as to whether you have some other inquiries concerning setting up or utilizing your Blink home security system!

Setting Up the Blink App on Your PC

To get to your Blink camera’s live view and accounts on your Windows PC or Macintosh, you’ll have to download the Blink application.

Download the Blink app

Go to and click “Applications and Updates” at the highest point of the page. Select “Windows Application” or “Macintosh Application” to download the Blink application for your PC. Once the download finishes, open the application on your PC.

Sign in

At the point when you first open the Blink application, you’ll be provoked to sign in with your Blink record qualifications (a similar email and secret word you use on and in the versatile application). Enter your login data to sign in.

Add your cameras

In the wake of marking in, your camera profiles will show up Watch Your Blink Camera on PC on the left half of the application window. To see a camera’s live feed or recorded cuts, simply click on its profile. The live view will appear on the ok 50% of the application window.

  • In the live view, you’ll see decisions to snap an image, record a video cut, or turn the camera’s spotlight or two-way sound on or off (whenever arranged), and that is only the start.
  • To see recorded cuts, select “Playback” at the highest point of the live view board. A timetable of video occasions from the beyond 24 hours will show up. Click any occasion to play its video cut.

Customize alerts and notifications

Select “Settings” at the highest point of the Blink application window to modify choices like:

  • Movement discovery awareness – Change how delicate the camera is to a movement that triggers the recording.
  • Cautions – Decide to get notices when movement is recognized, the camera is outfitted or incapacitated, and that’s just the beginning.
  • Warning timetable – Set the hours when you need to get alarms from your Blink cameras.

Whenever you’ve downloaded the application and set up your inclinations, you’ll have the option to watch out for your home and friends and family from any place utilizing your Blink surveillance cameras and the Blink application on your PC. Inform us as to whether you have any other inquiries!

Connecting Your Blink Camera System to the App

Step-by-step guide on connecting your Blink Camera system to the app
Connect effortlessly with our app

To see Watch Your Blink Camera on PC, you’ll have to interface your Blink system to the Blink application.

Download the Blink app

To start with, download the free Blink application to your PC. You can find the application in the Microsoft Store if you have a Windows PC. Once introduced, open the application and sign in with the equivalent username and secret key you use for your Blink System.

Sync your Blink cameras

With the Blink application open, tap the menu symbol Watch Your Blink Camera on PC in the upper left corner. Select “Add Gadget” or “Sync Gadget”. Your Blink cameras ought to consequently show up in the rundown of accessible gadgets. Select your camera or cameras to interface them to your Blink application.

  • On the off chance that your cameras don’t show up consequently, you might have to put your Blink Sync module into a state of harmony mode. Press and hold the sync button on the Sync module for 5-10 seconds until the light beginnings squinting blue.
  • In the Blink application, enter the 6-character chronic number for your camera, situated on the back or sideboard.
  • When your camera is associated, the sync light will turn strong blue and you’ll see a live video feed in the Blink application.

Viewing your cameras

With your Blink cameras matched up to the application, you can now see live film and recorded cuts from every camera. Tap the camera symbol at the highest point of the application screen to see live video.

Tap the playback symbol to see recorded video cuts and time-lapse films. You can likewise arrange movement location zones, recording timetables and something else for every camera inside the Blink application. Utilizing the Blink application on your PC gives a helpful method for checking your Blink surveillance cameras in any event when you’re not home.

Make certain to beware of your Blink system consistently and sync new Watch Your Blink Camera on PC cameras to the application as you add them to your system. Assuming you have any issues interfacing your Blink cameras, take a stab at restarting your Sync module and camera or reaching Blink help.

Watch Your Blink Camera on PC

To see your Blink camera’s live video feed on a PC, you’ll have to download and introduce the Blink Application for PC programming.

Download the Blink App for PC

  • Go to and select “Applications and Updates” from the menu.
  • Click “Download for PC” to get the Windows application.
  • Introduce the application on your PC by following the prompts. Permit it to get to your camera feed when inquired.

Sign In to Your Blink Account

  • Open the Blink App on your PC.
  • Enter the email address and secret word related to your Blink record.
  • Click “Sign In” to get to your Blink dashboard.

View Live Camera Feeds

  • Select “Live View” from the passed menu to see thumbnail pictures of your cameras.
  • Double-tap a camera thumbnail to see its live video feed in full-screen mode.
  • You can switch between cameras by clicking their thumbnails at the highest point of the screen.
  • To stop viewing, just close the live feed window.

Optional: Enable Motion Detection Alerts

  • If you want notifications when motion is detected, select “Motion Detection” from the left menu.
  • Toggle motion detection “On” for each camera you want to monitor.
  • Adjust the motion sensitivity and zones if needed. Save your changes.
  • You’ll currently get cautions on your PC when development is distinguished by those cameras.

By introducing the Blink Application for PC, you’ll acquire helpful admittance to your Blink camera’s live film and have the option to watch out for things when you’re not on your cell phone. With discretionary movement location alarms empowered, you can remain in the loop about any action occurring around your home.

Accessing Recorded Clips From Your Blink Camera

When your Blink camera has caught movement occasions or live view cuts, you’ll need to get to them to audit the recording. The uplifting news is you can without much of a stretch view your Blink camera accounts right on your PC.

Viewing Events in the Blink App / Exporting Clips to Your PC

Viewing Events in Blink App Exporting Clips to Your PC
The least demanding method for seeing your Blink camera accounts is through the Blink application on your PC If you have any desire to save clasps to see in any event when you’re disconnected or share them with others
Open the Blink application and sign in with a similar record you used to set up your Blink system Pick where you need to save the clasps on your PC and the commodity will start
Tap the “Occasions” symbol at the lower part of the screen The sent-out clasps can then be seen on any gadget
This will show you a rundown of all movement occasions and live view cuts caught by your cameras Select the clasps you need to trade by tapping them, then tap “Commodity” at the highest point of the screen
Tap any occasion to play the recording You can send out them from the Blink application
Exploring Events on Blink App / Exporting Clips to PC

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication to Watch Your Blink Camera on PC

For security, I strongly suggest empowering two-factor validation on your Blink record. This adds a layer of insurance for getting to your camera accounts and live perspectives. In the Blink application, go to Settings > Record > Two-Component Validation.

Tap “Empower Two-Element Verification” and follow Watch Your Blink Camera on PC the prompts to set it up. You’ll have to download a validation application like Google Authenticator or Pair Portable to begin.

  • Once empowered, you’ll have to enter a security code from the validation application each time you sign in to see your camera film. While an additional step, it guarantees that no one but you can get to your record and accounts.

By reviewing your Blink camera cuts through the work area application and trading significant occasions, you’ll have a simple method for checking movement around your home in any event when you’re not on your telephone. Furthermore, empowering two-factor verification gives some inner harmony that your camera record and accounts are gotten.

Tips for Smooth Blink Viewing on Your Computer

To see your Blink camera film on a PC, there are a couple of tips to remember for the best insight.

Download the Blink App

  • In the first place, you’ll have to download the free Blink application onto your PC. The Blink application permits you to see a live perspective on your cameras, view recorded cuts, and change camera settings.
  • You can download the Blink application for PC on Windows 10 gadgets and Windows 7 or later. Sadly, there right now isn’t an application accessible for Macintosh PCs.

Make Sure Your Wi-Fi is Strong

  • Since Blink cameras interface with your Wi-Fi organization, you’ll need to guarantee you have major areas of strength for a Fi signal where your cameras are set. Powerless Wi-Fi can prompt film delays, web-based issues or loss of association.
  • If is conceivable, place your Blink Sync module near your switch to fortify the sign to your cameras. You can likewise investigate Wi-Fi range extenders or lattice organizations to help inclusion in your home.

Adjust Your Camera Settings

  • When you have the Blink application introduced and are associated with your cameras, you can change different settings to upgrade your review insight on a PC.
  • Increment the video quality to expand the goal. The higher the quality, the more information is utilized so remember your web information plan.
  • Turn on the “View Live Video” choice so you can see live streams from your cameras.
  • Change the movement identification responsiveness so you get cautions for significant occasions without such a large number of misleading up-sides.
  • Change the video length to record longer or more limited cuts in light of your necessities.

By following these tips, you’ll see and deal with your Blink home surveillance cameras easily on your PC in a matter of moments. Inform me as to whether you have any other inquiries!

FAQs about Watch Your Blink Camera on PC

Blink camera live or recorded cuts on your Windows PC or Macintosh PC?

Here are the moves toward associating your Blink system with your work area or PC:

  • To see your Blink cameras on a PC, you’ll have to download and introduce the Blink application for Windows or Macintosh. Once introduced, open the application and sign in with similar Blink account certifications you used to set up your cameras.
  • The Blink application will consequently identify any Blink cameras related to your record. You might be incited to interface the cameras to your Wi-Fi network again through the application. Adhere to the on-screen guidelines to interface with every camera.
  • Your associated cameras will then, at that point, show up in the application’s camera list. To see one live, simply click on its picture. The live feed will open, streaming straightforwardly from that camera. You can likewise see recorded cuts, turn the camera on or off, change its settings and then some, very much like in the versatile application.
  • On the off chance that you have numerous Blink cameras, you can see them at the same time in the application’s live view screen. Simply select the “various camera” choice to all the while see a live feed from each associated cam.

Blink application for PC?

The Blink application for PC works equivalent to the portable application, giving you unlimited authority over your Blink home security situation right from your Windows or Macintosh PC. You can screen your home, talk through the cameras, arm or incapacitate the system, save and offer significant clasps, and alter alarms, all through the comfort of your work area.

Some additional tips for using Blink with your PC:

  • Ensure both your PC and Blink cameras are associated with a similar Wi-Fi network for the best network.
  • For the quickest streaming and clasp stacking, utilize a PC with a solid, rapid web association.
    To receive motion detection alerts on your PC.
  • Enable notifications in the Blink app settings and allow it to send you alerts. You’ll receive alerts as popup messages on your computer.
  • If you have issues connecting cameras or streaming live video, try restarting your Blink cameras and router, and reinstalling the Blink app on your PC.
  • For 24/7 monitoring, you can keep the live streams from your Blink cameras open on your PC desktop at all times.


  • So there you have it – with just a few quick steps, you can easily view your Blink cameras right on your computer.
  • Whether you want the flexibility of a bigger screen or you’re just not by your phone, streaming those feeds to a PC makes monitoring your home a breeze.
  • And the best part? No new equipment or subscriptions are needed – just download the app and log in.
  • Ideally, now you understand enabled to check things whenever you’re chipping away at your PC.
  • Remain safe and watch out for things in any event, when you can’t be there face to face. The inner harmony is beyond value.

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