Insignia TV no picture but sound? Here’s the Fix

Troubleshooting the mystery, Insignia TV no picture but sound. Unlock the solution to restore your visual experience effortlessly, Have you at any point turned on your Badge television, just to find that there’s no image appearing on the screen, yet you can in any case hear the sound playing behind the scenes fine and dandy?

Better believe it, that is a massively irritating issue that can destroy your television-watching experience. In any case, simply sit back and relax, it’s normally a quite simple fix. In this article, we’ll walk you through probably the most well-known justifications for why your Symbol television could have sound yet no image.

We’ll show you a couple of speedy investigating tips you can attempt yourself to make your image back-ready. Furthermore, if that doesn’t work, we’ll likewise cover when you might have to bring in a specialist and the amount it could cost to fix. So read on to figure out how to exile the feared “sound yet no image” issue from your Symbol TV!

Common Causes of Insignia TV Having No Picture but Sound

Explore the common reasons behind Insignia TV displaying sound without picture. Troubleshoot and restore your viewing experience
Silent visuals, audible mysteries

So your Emblem television has sound yet no image? It’s baffling, yet you can relax – this issue can ordinarily be settled with some investigating. Here are the most well-known causes and fixes for a Symbol TV that has sound but no image:

Loose or Faulty Cable Connections

  • To begin with, actually take a look at that all your HDMI, part, and sound links are solidly associated with the right contributions on the television and your gadgets like link box or streaming stick.
  • Links can relax over the long haul, so separate and reconnect them, ensuring they are connected as far as possible on the two closures.
  • Attempt various links on the off chance that you have extras, on the off chance that a broken or maturing link is the guilty party.

Outdated Software Firmware / Input Source Not Set Properly

Outdated Software Firmware Input Source Not Set Properly
Savvy televisions run on programming that should be kept refreshed Double-check your television input settings and ensure
So check assuming your television has any forthcoming programming refreshes It’s set to the legitimate information hotspot for the gadget you need to show
Go to the settings menu and track down the Framework or Backing choice to check and physically introduce refreshes Utilize the info or source button on your remote to spin through inputs like HDMI1, HDMI2, Part, and so on until you see the image
Refreshing can fix programming bugs obstructing video show The right source should be chosen for your gadget to show video
Tech hurdles ahead: Outdated Software Firmware meets Input Source Not Set Properly

Damaged Screen Panel or T-Con Board

  • On the off chance that the issue continues even in the wake of investigating links, programming, and sources, the issue might be equipment-related.
  • Issues with the screen board itself or the T-Con board that controls the board could appear as sound however no image.
  • All things considered, a proficient fix or substitution of the screen or T-Con board would be expected to fix it completely.

Following these investigating steps ought to help distinguish and determine the most well-known explanations for a Symbol television showing sound however no image. Check associations, update programming, cycle inputs, and consider equipment fixes if necessary. Doing so will normally make your video back-ready.

Checking External Connections and Cables

Verifying external connections and cables for proper functionality. Ensure a seamless and reliable setup
Connect with confidence

Continuously start any investigating by checking every one of the associations from your Badge television to any outside gadgets like link boxes, game control centre, streaming sticks, Blu-beam players, or a receiving wire. Free associations can cause a deficiency of pictures regardless of whether the sound works.

  • Ensure all video and sound links are immovably embedded into the ports on both the television and any gadgets associated with it. Tenderly squirm the link closes while embedded to guarantee they are cozy.
  • Make sure that all gadgets are turned on. Ensure the power source or plug extension the television is connected to is additionally working.
  • Examine links for any curves, breaks or harm. Trade out any suspect links to dispense with them as an issue. Give various ports a shot on the television if conceivable.

Insignia TV No Picture

  • For receiving Insignia TV no picture but sound wire associations, confirm the coaxial link running from the receiving wire or link jack is safely affixed. Hand fix if free. Guarantee every link splitter or enhancer is getting power.
  • In the case of utilizing HDMI associations, consider supplanting the HDMI links first with ones that help 4K goal and High velocity HDMI assuming your ongoing links are more established. HDMI issues can appear as a loss of picture.
  • For real-time gadgets, check if your web association has turned out great on different gadgets. Restart your switch/modem assuming availability appears to be patchy. Likewise, restart the streaming gadget.
  • If you have a link box, satellite collector or blueray player associated with no image, call the supplier to check whether they are encountering a blackout in your space.

Deliberately checking all associations and links is a simple initial step before jumping further into television investigation. Many picture issues turn out to be basic free wires that are simple fixes to attempt first.

Testing Different Input Sources on the TV

Assuming that your Badge television has no image except for sound, one of the first investigating steps is looking at changed input sources. It’s a simple method for reducing where the issue lies. Follow these tips:

  • Snatch your television remote and press the “Information” or “Source” button. This raises a menu showing the various gadgets associated with your television, for example,
  • HDMI 1, HDMI 2, and so forth – Where any gadgets associated using HDMI links will appear, similar to a link/satellite box, streaming stick, Insignia TV no picture but sound Blu-beam player, or game control centre.
  • Television – The tuner for getting over-the-air radio wire stations.
  • AV – Where composite AV gadgets would be associated with more seasoned televisions.
  • Cycle through each information source individually and check if you get an image. For instance, assuming HDMI 1 is associated with your link box, change that information. Still no image? Then, at that point, the issue could be with that gadget or link explicitly.


  • Assuming that changing sources of info reestablishes the image for one source yet one more remaining part dim, then you’ve reduced the guilty party. The gadget, link, or that particular HDMI port may be creating problems.
  • Make sure that gadgets are turned on while testing. Ensure associations are secure on the two closures of links and that links themselves aren’t harmed. Secure free associations or trade out suspect links.
  • If the image returns after re-seating a link or trading inputs briefly, there may as yet be a bigger issue like a weak HDMI load up inside the television. Irregular issues have an approach to returning.

By purposefully testing various information sources, you can more readily pinpoint what precise piece of gear is the base of the no-image issue. Then focus on your investigating fittingly.

Checking TV Settings and Menu Options

How about we go through some essential investigating to sort out why your Badge television has no image except for sound? There are a couple of settings and menu choices we can make sure that might get things working once more Insignia TV has no picture but sound.

  • Twofold checks that every one of your links is safely embedded into the right ports. In the case of utilizing HDMI, attempt an alternate HDMI port or link to preclude that as the issue.
  • Search for a “Source” or “Info” button on your remote. Cycle through the different info sources like HDMI 1, HDMI 2, and so on to check whether the image returns on one of them.
    Try resetting the picture settings to factory default. Go into your TV’s Settings menu, select Picture settings and choose “Reset to Default.” This will clear any bad custom settings.
  • While in the Settings menu, look under General settings for options related to eco mode or power-saving features. Disable any of these that are turned on as they can sometimes disable just the picture.
  • Explore through all submenus in the Settings to check whether you spot whatever uncommon that might be causing the issue. Things like viewpoint proportion, picture mode presets, backdrop illumination level and more can here and there get changed accidentally.

Power Reset by Turning off

  • Play out a power reset by turning off the television power string from the plug for 1 entire moment. Then plug back in and power on to check whether anything changed. This can clear any product misfires.
  • As a last resort, reset the TV back to factory default settings if available in the General settings menu. This will erase any channels, apps and customizations but can fix software issues. You’ll have to reprogram your settings afterwards.

Ideally by clearing your path through at least one of these investigating tips, you’ll make the image back ready again on your Emblem television! Inform me as to whether you have any other inquiries.

Performing a Factory Reset on the Insignia TV no picture but sound TV

If you’re encountering issues like no image except for sound on your Emblem television, a manufacturing plant reset ought to assist with settling them. Resetting your television reestablishes its unique settings and can frequently fix issues brought about by changes to the settings over the long haul.

Here are the steps to factory reset your Insignia TV:

  • Utilizing your remote, go to the Home screen on your television. Explore Settings and afterwards select Plant Reset or Reset to Industrial facility Defaults.
  • You might have to enter your parental control PIN assuming you have that element empowered. The default PIN is frequently 0000 or 1234 on the off chance that you didn’t set a custom one.
  • On the factory reset confirmation screen, select Reset or Yes to proceed.
  • The TV will shut off and power back on, completing the reset process. This takes just a couple of minutes typically.
  • At the point when the television reboots, you might have to go through the underlying arrangement prompts like choosing your language inclination and associating with your WiFi network once more.
  • You can then reconfigure any custom settings that you need to change. Your saved channels/top picks and info naming ought to in any case be available after a production line reset as well.

Factory Reset

Be aware that performing a factory reset will remove any customized changes you have made to settings on that Insignia TV. So it’s a good idea to check your picture, audio, and channel.

And other settings after the reset to make any tweaks needed to suit your viewing preferences. This should hopefully resolve your issue of no picture on the Insignia while retaining sound.

Some other tips when factory resetting an Insignia Smart TV:

  • Make sure the TV is connected to power and turned on when you initiate the reset.
  • If you don’t see the factory reset option, try unplugging the TV from power for 1 minute first before restoring power.

Resetting your Insignia back to factory default settings often resolves problems caused by changes over time and is worth trying before exploring more complex troubleshooting or repairs. Just be prepared to redo your custom settings afterwards.

Checking for Backlight or LED Strip Failure

Verifying backlight or LED strip functionality to diagnose potential issues. Ensure optimal display performance
Light check for a bright display

If your Symbol television has no image except for there is as yet sound, the issue could be a defective backdrop illumination or Driven strip. This gives the light expected on the television screen. You can attempt this:

  • Check if you see an extremely weak picture. If you look carefully in a dull room, you might have the option to see a faint picture on the screen. This implies the backdrop illumination is bombing yet the actual screen works.
  • Try using a flashlight. Shine a bright flashlight at an angle on the screen and see if you can see a picture. If so, then the LED backlight strips have likely stopped working properly.
  • Power reset the TV. Unplug the TV from power for 10 seconds and plug it back in. Sometimes a simple power reset can fix intermittent LED strip failures.
  • Inspect the backlight LED strips. Very carefully take the back panel off the TV (make sure it is unplugged!) and check to see if any of the LED lights have burned out along the edges. This is trickier but can confirm a bad LED strip.

Replace the backlight strips

. If determined to be faulty, the LED strips may need to be replaced. This generally requires complete disassembly and is best left to a technician, as it involves dealing with high voltages.

  • Consider replacing the TV. If your model is several years old, it may not be cost-effective to source and replace LED strips or other components. Buying a new TV altogether could be the better option.

Take the proper safety precautions if opening up the TV, as high voltage components are exposed. An experienced TV repair technician can also diagnose and fix issues with backlights. But hopefully trying some basic troubleshooting steps on your Insignia TV will get that picture back!

Troubleshooting the T-Con Board and Ribbon Cable

The T-Con board is short for Timing Regulator board. It takes the video signal from parts like your television tuner or HDMI ports and cycles the picture so it tends to be shown. The lace link interfaces the T-Con board to the LCD board inside the television.

On the off chance that you have no image on your Symbol television yet at the same time have sound, the issue is reasonable with one of these parts. Attempt these investigating tips:

  1. Check strip link associations. Ensure the meagre, level lace link is safely embedded into the connector on the T-Con board toward one side, and the LCD board on the opposite end. A free association can cause show issues. Reseat the two finishes of the link.
  2. Assess lace link for harm. Cautiously look at the length of the lace link for any tears, pleats, or harmed pins. Supplant the link whenever harmed. Handle it tenderly while interfacing as the slight wires inside are delicate.
  3. Reset the T-Con board. On some Symbol television models, there is a little button on the T-Con board itself, frequently named T-CON. Press and hold for 5-10 seconds with the television turned on to reset the regulator.
  4. Attempt new T-Con board. On the off chance that resetting doesn’t reestablish the showcase, the T-Con itself could be broken. Buy a substitution on the web and cautiously introduce it following the television dismantling process.
  5. Update television firmware. Download the most recent firmware for your particular Symbol model from the Badge support webpage and update to preclude a product misfire from causing video issues.

Mindful Working

Be very mindful while working inside your television to keep away from contact with risky voltages. If you feel awkward investigating these sensitive parts, contact an expert television fix specialist.

With some cautious analysis, you can probably determine the no-image issue and get your Badge television showing appropriately once more.

When to Bring in a Television Fix Master

Knowing when to call in a television fix master for expert troubleshooting and repair. Get your TV back to peak performance
TV troubles? Time for a fixed master rescue

If your Symbol television unexpectedly loses its image yet keeps up with sound, there are a couple of fundamental investigating steps you can take a stab at your own first:

  • Take a look at your associations – Confirm that video input links going to your television are safely associated with the two finishes. Including HDMI or other video links and the television’s power rope. Ensure all links are safely embedded into ports.
  • Attempt an alternate video input – On the off chance that your television has various HDMI ports or information choices. Trade to another to test on the off chance that the issue is restricted. To only one piece of information or is happening across all video sources.
  • Reset settings and perform power cycle – Reset your television settings back to plant defaults on the off chance. These inaccurate changes are causing the no-image issue. Turn off the television power rope totally from the wall source for 30 seconds. Then reconnect and power back on Insignia TV no picture but sound.

Tips for your Symbol TV

Yet, assuming you’ve managed these investigating tips your Symbol TV has no image, it’s most likely an opportunity to get a specialist:

  • Equipment issues – Any actual imperfections with the television show board, or inside video handling parts. T-Con board could require welding, substitutions, or specific devices to precisely analyze and fix.
  • Complex software glitches – Bugs in the firmware, operating system, or integrated “smart” apps may need advanced troubleshooting. Capabilities beyond basic resets or settings changes a homeowner can perform.
  • Out-of-warranty TVs – On the off chance that your more established level screen television is out of guarantee inclusion. Fix expenses can add up rapidly. An expert can decide whether it merits putting cash into fixes as opposed to purchasing a pristine television.
  • Confusing or intermittent issues – When the no-picture problem comes and goes or doesn’t have an obvious cause. An expert’s specialized equipment and know-how may be needed to get to the bottom of more complex, subtle issues Insignia TV has no picture but sound.

The good news is that many independent repair technicians offer free estimates. So you can make an informed decision before paying for any TV troubleshooting or repairs.

Don’t continue struggling with a malfunction. Flat screen on your own – call in a pro at the first sign of tricky issues. Their expertise can get your Insignia television’s picture back quickly.

Insignia TV no picture but sound FAQs

So you have sound however no image on your Emblem television? You can relax, this is many times a simple fix. Here are probably the most well-known purposes behind a Symbol television just having sound and how to investigate:

  • Check your connections. Make sure all of your video cables are running from your devices. The TVs are properly plugged in at both ends. Try different ports or swap out the cables if you have spares. Also, check the source button on your remote and cycle through inputs.
  • Reset your devices. If your TV was working previously, simply turn devices like cable boxes, streaming sticks, Blu-ray players etc. Back on again can often resolve temporary glitches and get the picture back.
  • Adjust brightness/backlight settings. If the picture is simply too dark to be visible. Try nudging up the TV’s backlight or brightness settings in the menu. Go slowly and press “apply” to see the results.
  • Try a power reset of the TV. Unplug the TV power cable from the outlet for 10-20 seconds. When plugged back in and powered on, this will reset your TV and likely restore the picture.
  • Update TV software and apps. If you connect smart devices or use built-in apps like Netflix. Or Prime Video, there may be software updates available to download. Check Settings for the latest firmware. Updates can fix compatibility issues.
  • Factory reset the TV. If you’ve had no luck with basic troubleshooting, a factory reset returns your Insignia TV to default out-of-the-box settings. You’ll have to reinstall channels and apps but it often resolves technical problems.

Good News about Sound

The good news is if you have sound, that means your TV is on and there’s likely an easy fix. To get your video signal back. Methodically trying the tips above should have you back watching your favourite shows in no time!

Let us know in the comments below if you found this advice helpful or have any other tricks for troubleshooting. An Insignia TV no picture but sound.


  • In the end, a few simple troubleshooting steps can typically get your Insignia. TV shows a picture again when sound comes through but no video displays.
  • First, double-check all connections at the back of the TV. Media player and wall outlet to ensure cables did not come loose. Securely re-seat each one.
  • Next, try a basic power reset by unplugging the TV power cord for 1 minute. Before plugging back in to reboot the device.
  • Switch between input sources like HDMI 1, HDMI 2 or TV tuner. To verify the issue is not isolated to one device. Toggle through picture settings as well.
  • As a last resort before calling a technician, attempt a factory data reset. Through the Settings menu which will restore default configurations. Note you may need to reprogram channels afterwards.
  • If troubleshooting does not restore the picture, there could be an internal component failure requiring professional service. Contact Insignia support online to locate an authorized repair centre in your area.

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